Being an English Language student at Worcester University, there are some of the things I observed that my peers and I do.

1) Can’t learn about another dialect or accent without trying to imitate it out loud or in your head

2) International students ask why I’m studying English when I am already English. Fair point…

3) You know more linguistic theories than other students’ actual names

4) Outside of lectures, you automatically analyse people’s speech patterns with terminology

5) You know the right linguistic tools to make a killer speech for events in the future

6) You can tell what stage of speech a baby or toddler is at!

7) You learn the attitudes/reactions associated to certain words or accents, so you now make changes to not give off negative vibes

8) As you’re studying English Language, friends sometimes ask you to proofread their assignments

9) Friends also ask you to phrase a sentence in a more academic way. They have to stop you, as you give countless alternatives

10) Your friends, outside uni say ‘Ah, I wonder why I/we say this, or ‘I wonder where that word came from’. You then say ‘It’s because…’ or ‘I learnt in class that…’ Some are interested, but others roll their eyes like they’re speaking to a know-it-all!

Just some of the thing I have to deal with…