The University Experience 2.0

Hi everyone and welcome back to uni! Yesterday I went to my first class of my second year and I couldn’t believe it. Seeing so many new students, nervously walking on the hallways took me down memory lane and reminded me of my first moments as a first year student…where did the time go ?? So, I became really excited and, as soon as I got home, I wrote down a “plan of attack” that will help me make the best of university this year.

  1. Plan, plan, plan! I like to be organized and have everything that I need to do written down, so I bought this cute agenda that is going to help me survive university deadlines and work.
  2. Try other societies! During my first year, I was part of the Harry Potter society, which was a lot of fun and I totally recommend it. We watched movies, played games, went out during social nights and even had our own Potions Class. But there are a lot of societies on offer so why not try and join as many as possible during my time at university?
  3. Go out! The Students’ Union has a loooong list of events going on, from Karaoke to Quiz Night every week. During my first year, I haven’t gone to many events and I intend to change that.
  4. Learn Italian! If last year I tried Spanish, one of my modules during my second year is going to be Italian. I know the two languages are very similar, so it shouldn’t be that hard…right?
  5. Go abroad for one semester! As part of the International Business Management course, it is mandatory to go abroad for one semester during my second year (Isn’t that amazing ??). My first option is Barcelona (who can say no to the sea, sand and good weather?) and my second option is Paris. No matter where I go, I intend to have a great time and learn from this unique experience.45015_660846153933557_1519315847_n


So there you have it, my plan for the second year at uni.  Seeing the list, I am looking forward to everything that is going to happen, to all the changes that will arise and I am more than ready to begin!

Do you have any plans/goals for this academic year? Share them with me, I like new ideas!