Why I loved living in halls at the University of Worcester

One of the most daunting things about moving to the university, is not knowing what your accommodation will be like.

Many of us get the chance to have a look around University halls during the Open Days, before we put our choices down. The University can not always guarantee that they can place us in our first choice, but this isn’t the end of the world.

7 LEDBURYI got Ledbury halls, which is on the University’s main St. John’s campus. It wasn’t my first choice, but I was happy with what I was given. I was just buzzing with excitement to get there.

Being in a small flat meant that it had a very homely feel to it.It comes with a massive kitchen and decent sized rooms. It’s not a 5-star hotel, but it has everything that you need in a student hall.1 AEHOUSMAN

My experience in halls was a lot different from many people because I was moved into a new flat towards the end of the year.

We, lucky trainee teachers and nurses, get a month or so extra at University than other courses. As a precaution, so that security would know which buildings had students in, a large number of us teachers and nurses were moved into one building.

We were informed that we had to move out and into 4 AEHOUSMAN A E Housman halls, across the other side of the campus. It took a million and one trips to carry our clothes and boxes across the campus to our new flat … but it was so worth it.

A E Housman and the twin building of Elizabeth Barrett Browning have massive rooms with a beautiful en-suite bathroom and you get the nicest kitchen I’ve ever seen, with stacks of storage and a flat screen tv.

For the last month of University, we had been upgraded to a brand new and modern flat and also had some new flatmates! We missed Ledbury, but it was great!


My fellow blogger and boyfriend, David , lived in Sansome halls in the city. The walk from Sansome halls to the main campus was manageable, and his flat was lovely as well. One side of the building does look over onto the train station, but I never heard of this being much of an issue. Again, Sansome was very homely, with an enormous kitchen in each flat and big rooms with en-suite bathrooms.


The City Campus and other halls around the city are all really good. For some, the walk to the main campus may be a little off-putting, but you’ll soon come to love the beautiful scenic walk through the city and across the river.

I also have friends that didn’t get into halls and got placed in student housing for their first year. This probably feels like the end of the world and like you will miss out on everything, but every first-year student house that I’ve 5 AEHOUSMANseen has been so nice, so there’s no need to worry about that!

There are many aspects of living in halls that I haven’t touched on… like the parties and loud music or the random guy that used to play the Didgeridoo on the grass outside the flat every morning (yes, that did happen).
But no matter what halls you get put in, it all makes for an unforgettable experience!

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