The 5 Best Things About Doing a Science Degree at University of Worcester

If you are considering doing a degree in science, here are five reasons why you should consider doing it at the University of Worcester (I can especially vouch for BSc Biochemistry) – from our excellent equipment to free talks by various professionals and the wonderful and passionate staff!

If you are interested you should look at the University website as there is lots of helpful information on the courses, the staff and other wonderful opportunities that are offered.

The Equipment

The University has lots of great equipment for you to use in your practicals and independent study such as; a large number of spectrometers, centrifuges, and autoclaves (just to mention a few).

There are also brand new labs over in the Edward Elgar building – a lot of which you probably haven’t even visited yet, and a big lab up in Charles Darwin.

The University has spent 7 million on doing it up for all us BIOS students, and there’s even a climate controlled chamber for experiments to be carried out in, and a whole crime scene house and garden for the forensics students!


The Practical Work

We get to do lots of practicals- more than other universities that I’ve heard about.

In Biochemistry you get to do a minimum of 1 practical every week, and for some modules (such as Immunology) you get to do a practical every lecture, including really interesting ones such as learning to test for HIV, PSA levels (used as a tool for diagnosing prostate cancer), blood typing and practicals that involve looking at different cells under a microscope.

This means that when you graduate you will have lots of relevant and invaluable practical skills to add to your CV.


The Outstanding Staff

We are lucky to have a large number of highly educated and interesting staff- each with their own specialist fields and interests.

They are seriously dedicated and extremely enthusiastic about what they do – you can really tell they love their topics and really care about how you are taught which makes learning a lot easier!

We also have a wonderful team of lab technicians who kindly do a whole host of jobs to ensure our practicals are the best they can be.

A full list of staff profiles can be found on the University ‘s website, you should go take a look as they have seriously impressive resumés.


The Free Talks

There is a number of intriguing talks by specialists that take place in the lecture theater and the Infirmary (which are sometimes also open to the public). They are interesting, relevant and best of all FREE which means you should attend as many as possible!

Lecturers will usually email you if any are on, or you can look at the calendar on the Infirmary website. You don’t necessarily have to be on a specific course to attend so if any tickle your fancy, you can usually turn up to those too.


Your Independent Study

The University of Worcester is one of the very few universities that allows you to plan and carry out any independent study you wish (within reason obviously).

I personally think is amazing as most other universities will give you a short list of ones that they have already decided for you which sounds nowhere near as interesting.

While it may potentially be harder to plan and work out issues, you get to work on something you are interested in and passionate about which is completely invaluable.

Also, working out the problems yourself on a study you designed is a really good introduction into what it is going to be like to be a proper scientist when you graduate.