Coming to the UK

A blog post by Beaudine Schalk an Erasmus exchange student from the Netherlands

One year ago I was at the point of quitting my studies in the Netherlands, because I did not want to go abroad for a total of one year. Yet, here I am, happily studying at the University of Worcester. I was born and raised in a pretty small town in the Netherlands, which I never left apart from vacation periods. So, it took me a while to get used to my new situation, but I honestly could not be happier with my choice. I have met great people, both international and local, and learnt a lot about myself.

beaudine schalk

Worcester city is surrounded by beautiful nature, but at the same time you are not too far away from the “city life” either. It is a great place to go out for food, a nice walk or a party on the Wednesday weekly socials.

From being abroad you can learn to be more flexible, improve your language skills, learn how to become more open-minded to things and, most importantly, going abroad can teach you who you are as a person. Travelling is a time that you are out of your comfort zone and many changes are occurring.

The University of Worcester has its own International Team that organises local trips, such as the Malvern Hills, Oxford and Gloucester. The University itself is built around sports, which is one of the reasons many people come to study here.

If you are looking for a place to feel like home whilst exploring yourself and life, the University of Worcester is the place to be.


xxx Beaudine Schalk

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