A guide to independent restaurants in Worcester

I have been in Worcester for just over two years now, it is fair to say that I have eaten out at a LOT of places. There are lots of well known chain restaurants and cafes which are nice places to eat. But why not try the small, independent restaurants in Worcester too? Here’s my guide to the best independent restaurants to try while you’re studying in Worcester.

There are SO many great independent places for students to eat in Worcester. Some are fairly expensive and some are MEGA cheap that you wonder if you should stay for another meal (maybe just me?) In my opinion, they are as good as, if not better than the popular chain restaurants. Here are my 6 favourite restaurants in Worcester:

6 of the best independent restaurants in Worcester

1) Francini Cafe De Colombia

→ Angel Place


I have been here a few times and I cannot stress enough how great the food is! The cafe itself is just a cute, fun environment to sit in too. The cafe itself is vibrant looking on the inside and the food is decently priced too.


I recommend the wraps (with your choice of filling). They have so many options for the fillings and for a couple of pounds it’s super cheap. The potato wedges with cheese are GREAT.

I HEARD the coffee is amazing – they give you this bizarre looking filter where the coffee pours into your cup. I am not a fan of coffee, but even I think it looks amazing! Give their famous banana latte a try. I hear they do awesome waffles too… yum. 


2) Bodega

→Foregate Street

(Can be ordered through Deliveroo!)

I am speaking from experience of going to Bodega once, however, the food I had was pretty great. I had a beef brisket burrito and a ‘very berry agua fresca’ to drink, which was refreshing and very fruity!

During lunchtime you can get a deal of a burrito and a drink for just over a fiver! The burritos are not huge, but they do fill you up – perfect for lunch. As a student we also get discount, which is always a bonus!

3) Chester’s

→ New St

Looking for somewhere that will fill your stomach without breaking the bank? Look no further than Chester’s. They have a great range of cocktails and drinks so it’s a fun atmosphere for you and your friends.

I visited here with some of my housemates in my first year of University. I had a burrito and it was the largest piece of food I have EVER (and I mean ever) seen in my life. It tasted amazing!

4) Burger Shop

→ Cherry Tree Walk

The Burger Shop is a relatively new, small restaurant that opened up last year. I used to live around the corner above Farrier House Surgery and as part of our building meeting, our landlords took us to the Burger Shop.

They had a small but tasty selection of burgers which were presented beautifully and the price was not too bad either. It has a fast food/casual dining atmosphere to it. The outside of the building is my favourite – it’s very rustic but also has a fun vibe to it. Try their ‘Farmer Tom’s Beef Burger’ – it tastes pretty good.


5) Wayland’s Yard

→ Foregate Street

Wayland’s Yard is a fun little place to catch up with friends for a coffee or brunch. They have a pretty cool garden in the back with swing benches, which is a cute place for photos (not that I have been there just to do that…)

It is right by Worcester Foregate Street station so perfect if you are waiting for your train and want to sit somewhere for a drink.

Also… 10% off with your student card! Winning!

Lastly… the best there is. Ruby’s! 

6) Ruby’s

→Bransford Road

Ruby’s is a Cantonese restaurant in the St John’s area. You pay a set price and you can order as many things off the menu from the ‘starter’ and ‘mains’ option. Any type of Cantonese and Chinese food you can think of, it’s all there!

Here is an awful quality of a Snapchat I took whilst we were a quarter of the way through the night. I think altogether there were 7 of us, and we got through 8 starters and 10 mains. It is the best all you can eat.


So there we have it! Hope this blog has helped you find some great and reasonably priced independent restaurants in Worcester. Don’t forget your student discounts cards too! If you do try any of the restaurants mentioned in this blog post, please do let me know in the comments!

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