Where are we today? – LLB Law at Worcester

Kieran Charles graduated from Worcester with an LLB in Law this November, in this week’s blog he tells us about his experience studying Law at Worcester:

It’s been a long three years but its finally official. The University of Worcester has had 3 full years of Law students, has its first graduates, and I’m one of them. Back in 2016 there were only 30 students in the whole Law School, there are now there are over 200! Here’s what I experienced during my time at Uni:

Being known as one of the first graduates of the Law School feels very surreal.  I’ve always been associated with success achieved by groups, but now I feel like I’ve accomplished something for myself. After 3 very tough years I feel a real sense of achievement. Graduating is a big change from the nerves I felt the first time I stood in the mock courtroom on campus (this place is great and really gets you ready for the real thing!)

The larger student numbers on Law Courses mean a large number of members for the Student’s Union’s Law Society. As the student numbers increased we had more opportunity to organise talks and events. This helped the Law Society students to gain contacts in the legal world whilst still focusing on their degree. The Law School offers a lot of opportunities for networking, something I hadn’t had much chance to take part in before. Its really important to engage with the various firms, courts and professional practices in Worcester as this may come in useful in your future.

I think one of the fundamental things about the Law School at Worcester is that its welcoming. Law doesn’t have to be dry and choosing different optional modules and engaging with problem solving and real-life cases can help keep things varied. Studying Law is about more than facilities and classroom dynamics, the knowledge and experience of your lecturers and teaching contact time are more important than I first thought.When you start University its easy to focus on mock trials or courtroom dramas but Law is complex and constantly changing. You have to keep your wits about you! It can be a bit scary to know that knowledge my need to be re-learned as you career changes in the future.

Throughout my time at University I developed skills I never thought I could and achieved things I never thought I should. The staff will push you to do the best you possibly can do and will always help you to reach your potential. You may not think it, but surrounded by the right set of people you can achieve anything. For example: many Law students may not have done Law at A-level and so the first year of the degree covers everything you might need to know. This is a good leveller and helps with feelings of apprehension that you may not know as much as other new-starters.

Everyone’s experiences at University are different. You might join different clubs or societies, become a Course Representative or take an active role in the Student’s Union. My experience at the Law School was very positive and one that I can build on in my future employment.


Kieran studied Law LLB at Worcester.