The Worcester Food and Drink Bucket List

Student blogger Claudia Gutierrez fills us in on the best places to eat and drink in Worcester:

If you enjoy eating out, discovering new places or just you love food as much as I do, you should keep reading as I’m about to share some of the best independent and budget friendly food and drink places in Worcester. With each of the places mentioned below I named a dish/side/cocktail which I think you should definitely try! Now lets get to it:

Independent cafes

Wayland’s Yard is the ultimate brunch destination

Wayland’s yard

Wayland’s Yard is an ideal place for brunches with friends. The café has a cute little backyard where you can sit on swings and enjoy a lovely atmosphere which is usually enriched by adorable fluffy companions – as this place is dog friendly! Food wise, Wayland’s yard serves breakfasts, avocado on toast, hot dogs, toasties and last, but not least, vegan burgers.

Student discount: Yes. 10% discount (for both drinks and food) when you show your student card

Must try:              The veggie fry up and Raspberry lemonade

When it comes to cafes, apart from the usual coffee chains like Starbucks, Pret and Costa, Worcester offers lots of independent places where you can enjoy a quiet and homey atmosphere. My go to is Francini’s Café Colombia. Staff there are always helpful and ready to serve you with a big bright smile on their faces.  In terms of hot drinks, Francini’s offers a great variation of coffees that are made from high quality Colombian coffee beans, which I’m sure every coffee lover will highly appreciate! On the menu, you can also find an extensive offer of food – from waffles and pancakes to homemade pizzas, olive breads and wraps.

Student discount: Yes

Must try:             Banana latte and Olive bread with filling of your choice

Vegan food

Let’s be honest, sometimes it can be quite challenging to find plant-based options when eating out. Therefore, I’m adding some of my absolutely favourite places for our vegan and vegetarian readers!

The Firefly is a delicious choice for vegan eats

The Firefly

The Firefly misleads with its appearance because it’s disguised as an ordinary pub, but it actually serves some of the best vegan food in town! Hot dogs, burgers, kebabs – you can find almost everything and it all tastes amazing. The atmosphere is super friendly, and I advise to visit The Firefly in the evening so you can enjoy your food with a half pint of The Firefly’s wide variations of beers.

Must try: Bahn mi & fries  

Be the change

Be the change opened in 2018 and it was a big boon for Worcester’s vegan community. This cosy lounge offers anything from vegan milkshakes, tasty smoothie bowls to delicious lunches. BTC also actively works towards bringing the vegan community together by organising evening events – check their social media to find out what they are up to at the moment!  

Must try: Smoothie bowls and Milkshakes

HANBAO and Zizzi offer some great treats


As with the cafes I mentioned, Worcester offers a great variation of chain restaurants as GBK, Ask Italian, Zizzi’s. However, I always like to support local businesses, therefore I’m going to share with you a local and original place that is worth visiting.   


*only visit this place if you’re having a serious cheat day*

You’ll get a humongous portion for less money than you expect. These burgers start at £8 and don’t go higher than £15 – also before you go it’s definitely worth checking their Instagram @hanbao to get an idea what you’re getting yourself into (scroll down to see some of their photos). Also, the whole place has a modern design and it’s popular among younger Worcester community.

Must try: Burger: JERMAICANMECRAZY, Side: Big Buddha belly and Cocktail: Death Row


No list is complete without a cocktail and so here’s my favourite place in Worcester

The Hand in glove

Hands down, this is definitely one of the best bars in town. From the outside The Hand in Glove appears very simple. However, when you go inside, you’ll be surrounded by good vibes and a relaxed atmosphere. I personally recommend this bar for cocktail nights with friends. What I appreciate the most is the knowledgeable staff, that is always ready to suggest drinks based on your alcohol choice. The additional fact of the possibility to rent the upstairs room for private parties is a big plus!

Must try: Pornstar Martini

That’s it for now but there are soooo many places to eat in Worcester. Let me know if you have some favourites that I should try?

Claudia xx