The Benefits of Joining a University Society Or Sports Club

Societies and Sports Teams at university are some of the best ways to build friendships, learn new skills and develop your confidence. I think the University of Worcester has such a great diverse range of Societies and Sports Clubs available for all kinds of people. I joined Societies in my first year.

So why is being a part of an SU Club or Society beneficial? Well first, it ‘s fun duh. 

When you move to the University there is usually a Societies Fair and a Sports Club Fair during Welcome Week where you can find out about all the Societies and Sports Clubs, how to join and any cost involved. This is often held in the sports hall on the St John’s campus.  There truly is a wide selection!

From football societies to movie societies to the LGBTQ+ society to the Christian Union and more! 

Karaoke is a classic society activity…

I wish I had joined a Sports Club when I was a fresher at university. It would have been great for exercise but also socially. I joined the Christian Union Society from my first year of university as going into a new environment as a Christian can often be quite difficult, therefore I found it super helpful to meet other Christians and I was able to look for a Church with other people and also enjoy meeting others on campus.

What is there to do?

Well, the best part about joining a society is that you get to meet people. I have often heard from students that they have struggled to make friends on their course and that joining a society was a great way of them meeting people outside it. I love that you can join a society at the university and instantly feel at home, because more often than not, you are joining a society that you are interested in or that you are passion about.

Secondly, many students LOVE (not that this is rocket science!) going on nights out. Many students would say that the social nights that happen at the university Students’ Union every week are another great way to meet people. You will find that you truly do make friends for life at university, and societies are a great way to meet people.

OH, and the best part….


Now, anyone who knows about sports at university will know that most universities have sports rivals. Varsity is one of the best things to look forward to each year. Most sport teams at the university will compete against our rivals to win points, the more points we as a university win the bigger chance we have at winning Varsity!

I loved going to watch varsity every year. From dance competitions at the Worcester Arena to the football and hockey matches on the astro turf.. it was SO much fun! 

I really enjoyed going to watch my best friend at her hockey games and even more so when Varsity was on!

Educational and academic societies 

You might be surprised to hear that educational and academic societies are some of the most popular societies at university. You can expand your knowledge and possible employment opportunities by joining an educational society.

Many societies such as the Educational Enhancement Society, Primary Teaching and the Environmental Societies exist to help students through their course. Most of the time these are promoted during your lectures because it really can help you with your studies and allow you to chat to others at different stages of your course.

It is all about community! Societies and Sports Clubs really will help you along your student life. Even if you do not want to join one, you support others who want to by attending games or live shows that they take part in.

See you soon

Lauren 🙂

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