So what is a Student Ambassador?

Student blogger Karolina Frybova tell us about Student Ambassadors, their work at the Uni and what the experience has meant for her.

Working as a Student Ambassador for your University is probably the best part-time job you can find while studying. Not only is it well paid, it looks good on your CV, but it is also quite flexible so you can adapt it to your study needs. There are quite a few different types of student ambassadors:

  • Course Ambassadors, who work closely with academic staff
  • Event Ambassadors work to help set-up and run University events such as lectures, Open Days and sporting events.
  • International Ambassadors, who assist with international students (doing things like airport pick ups or helping them settle in) and international marketing.
  • Digital ambassadors, who write blogs and make videos about University life work closely with the Comms department to create content.
  • Unibuddies – These are Student Ambassadors that answer questions from potential students about courses and uni life using the App ‘Unibuddy’ (It’s a bit like WhatsApp).

Picking up international students requires some nifty signage

I was lucky to become an Ambassador in freshman year, shortly after arriving in Worcester. Since then, I have been not only a Student Ambassador but also an International Ambassador and a Digital Ambassador. There are often a lot of opportunities to cross over to different roles.

In addition to being paid, being a Student Ambassador helped me a lot in gaining my placement (a year of work experience), where I was accepted as an International Marketing Assistant for the University of Worcester. As part of my placement, I participated in marketing communication for international and EU students and I had the opportunity to go and represent the University on several European education fairs and other events (eg at the British Embassy in Prague).

What I enjoyed the most was that each event was different, you get to know different people from the University and you also learn a lot about the University itself. Sometimes you work on Open Day, other times you might be working during graduation week or International Welcome week, where you help new international students during their first days at University (I enjoyed this the most.) There is a lot of varied experience to gain.

Sometimes you get an opportunity to dress up

There is no need to have any qualifications or work experience, all you need is to be friendly, communicative, welcoming, and reliable. So if you are starting the University in September or coming back to the University from your summer break, I definitely recommend you to look out for the call for Student Ambassadors and not to be afraid. Definitely worth it.

Speak to you soon

Karolina 🙂