A Guide to Living in Halls

Moving into halls can be a nerve-racking experience for pretty much everyone! We all think we are an expert at moving away from home until it actually happens, then we wish we were back home with our family with our parents cooking our dinners? (Am I right?!) Some International students have changed countries to move into Halls and some people have moved just around the corner, it’s a real mix.

Maybe you haven’t lived with anyone apart from your siblings, parents or guardians before? It can be scary, but living in halls is also really fun and an incredible way to meet people. Make your room comfortable, make it homely and most importantly make the most of who is sharing your flat with you!

5 tips for making the most out of living in halls:

Decorate your room!

Bring a few of your favourite things with you and it will soon feel like home!

Your uni room will either be luxury for you, or a little more of a downsized room compared to what you have back home. However, you can make it how you want it! Without having your Mum or parent nagging you on the extra piece of clothing you have on the floor. (Haha!)

It is going to be your home for the next year, make it FEEL like home! From hanging up fairy lights to bringing the biggest tv possible into your room. Remember to get some nice bedding (Hi Primark!) for duvet days.

Open your door! 

Now you may think: How is opening your door going to make any difference? But, it’s as simple as it sounds, open your door! I found that when I opened my door with a door stop, my flat mates were more likely to know when I wasn’t busy. We often would have the rule in our flat that if our door was closed we were busy studying!

It is so important you make the most of spending time with your flat mates when you can. It will really help you settle in well, especially if you find yourself normally sitting in your room all night. A visual signal that you’re happy to socialise makes it a lot easier for people to approach you.

Explore Campus life!

At the University of Worcester, we are very lucky in that those who live on campus really aren’t too far away at all from the Students’ Union or the Hangar (the local hang out/bar on campus). Therefore, make sure you get involved. you can book tables at the Hangar and keep an eye out for societies that meet your interests. There are events outside the SU building such as vintage clothing fayres or Colour Runs. You can Join Team Worc our Student Sports clubs and Societies #teamworc and get involved with uni life.

Fresher’s week is the time to really make the most of your living in halls life. Obviously, stay in and binge watch Netflix on some occasions, but why not make the most of the events your awesome Student’s Union have organised and hop out to the BBQ on campus or on a fresher’s night out with your flat mates! This year there was even an acoustic stage on City Campus.

Get to know everything that is around you, make the most of it!

Living in halls is a make it or break it kinda scenario! You may love it some days, and hate it other days! The University has so many support systems in place to really help you feel settled! If you’re struggling with living in halls or even need to meet up with someone to chat it through. Hop over to FirstPoint, Speak to the SU or contact the Uni to get that help you need!

Lauren xxxx