Celebrating Valentines Day At home in 2021

This year due to lockdown many of us will be spending Valentines day 2021 at home rather then out on the town. As you have been spared that disappointing Tinder date in GBK (other burger chains are available). Here are some of my tips on how to celebrate Valentines day, single or not, from home in 2021.

  1. Treat yourself

My first bit of advice would be to treat yourself! You deserve it! Run yourself a bubble bath and use up some of those left over Christmas bath bombs. Just because you can’t go out doesn’t mean self care should go out the window! Put on a face mask and relax (my favourite are the peel off ones for 99p in Savers). As the nail bars are closed, have a go at your doing your own manicure from home.

2. Galentines

Many of us singleton’s would usually be spending Valentines with our friends having a Galentines day instead meeting up for coffee or a meal out. Instead, this year, try and recreate that from home. FaceTime your gals and have a virtual coffee and catch up. If you have a Netflix subscription maybe try a Netflix Party and start your own Valentines day Netflix movie marathon with your friends.

3. Have a Nice Meal!

As restaurants and pubs are currently shut in the UK due to a nationwide lockdown treat yourself to a Valentines day meal at home. Take advantage of any Deliveroo, UberEats and JustEat deals from restaurants in your local area and recreate that eating out experience. You can recreate one of your favourite meals and even have a go at cooking. I have bought a Panang Thai curry kit and shall be imagining I am eating out at my favourite restaurant (The Thai Gallery) in Worcester (and not in front of the TV watching Drag Race UK).

4. Enjoy Yourself

Unlike most years in 2021 there isn’t loaded with the expectation of getting a date, or the pressure of a last minute booking. Instead spend the day doing what you want 2021 is the perfect time to reset and get to know yourself. So, if you want to spend the day going on a walk with your social bubble, reading your favourite book or spending the day working your way through Netflix, you do that! In the words of RuPaul “If you can’t love yourself how the hell you gonna love somebody else!”.

However, and with whomever you spend Valentines Day with have a wonderful day and stay safe!

Amber Xxx

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