Top 5 Careers With A Law Degree

Hello lovely readers! Emily here, a final year Law with Forensic Psychology Student! Today, I’m going to write, (and you will (hopefully!) read), about some careers available to you with a Law degree! Let me preface this with, no, it is not just about becoming a lawyer!

Law degrees are great. Not only because of the content, which we all know and love… but also because of how versatile they are! Law degrees promote critical thinking, communication skills, and demonstrate an impressive level of time management skills. All this combined means that employers LOVE law grads. So, here are my top 5 careers available to you with a Law degree.

solicitor or barrister

I’ll start with the most obvious root into a career in Law. A Law degree from Worcester is the first step to becoming a lawyer. Now, you may think this sounds silly, but Worcester offers a ‘Qualifying Law Degree’ – this means that it covers the seven mandatory law modules, as prescribed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority!

Aside from the academia of a law degree, Worcester offers a million (that’s an exaggeration) employability events, sessions, and activities, to make you the most employable you can be!

Academia and teaching

As a law grad, you now have a degree! Possessing a degree already opens doors for you! A degree in any subject enables you to become a teacher, should you so wish! To do so, you would study the Post Graduate Certificate of Education, and follow the requirements set by the Teaching Regulation Agency. You do not have to teach law!

Law is often associated with various humanities, and, although there would be additional requirements, you can teach History, English, Religious Studies etc, if you so wish! Unfortunately, to become a lecturer, most will expect you to have, at minimum, a Masters in Law or significant experience!


Paralegals are vital in the running of the legal system. Their role is to support solicitors, barristers, and legal executives. They also help ‘litigants in person’ represent themselves, they support research, drafting, and the day to day running of a law firm!

You do not need to be a qualified lawyer to become a paralegal, but they do ask for legal knowledge. Law grads are perfect for this role!

The civil service

The Civil Service is a government organisation, and there are a vast array of roles throughout the civil service; some are, evidently, more appropriate than others! The Home Office, Foreign Office, and Ministry of Justice all have roles perfectly suited for law graduates!

The Civil Service also offer ‘The Fast Stream’ programme – this programme is accelerated training and development for highly skills graduates! This is a great opportunity to begin working for the Civil Service.

accounting / tax

Accounting and Tax sounds like a whole different world to Law, but its not! The skills you gain from a law degree are required for a career in accountancy; for example, analysing large amounts of complex information, client relationships, and outstanding written ability.

Similarly, there are several modules you can take should you wish to specialise in an accountancy career. Commercial Law, for example, would be of particular use. There are further qualifications to undertake should you wish to go down this route, but all information is available on the appropriate websites!

Being a final year is scary. There is a strange feeling of impending doom – it is tough being in final year, let alone with all the additional pressures!  Having several applications to fill out, a house to keep tidy, viewings coming in left right and centre, assignments, lectures, and so many other things, all at the same time! I’m tired just typing it all out!

All of that is so normal – and if you are struggling, remember that your PAT, first point, and the teaching staff are all available should you need any additional support. I hope that this blog has helped inspire some of you, or made you feel less alone in such an uncertain time!

Write Soon,
Emily xx