Author: Michaela Kolarova

Hi! I am Michaela and I am a third year BA Marketing, Advertising and PR student, I am also a marketeer (ok, you got me…soon to be) having undergone a work placement as part of my degree and an International student from Czech, but some of you probably only know me under my student blogger identity. I also plead guilty to being a wanderlust, food lover/cook, explorer, photographer (just for Instagram, but that counts, right?), nature lover, story teller, social media addict and blogging enthusiast. I hope you find my experience at the University of Worcester helpful and motivating when applying for the University yourself!
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An introduction to relationships at university

Happy Valentine’s Day! With the busy schedules and geographical distance, student relationships can be tricky. Fitting in time to see your partner can be a challenge when you’re juggling studying, societies and socialising. However, there is hope and it’s possible to make it work! Here’s the story of my overseas relationship and how two cultures can make it work, despite the distance.

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How do we celebrate Christmas in Czech Republic?

Only one more sleep until Christmas! Have you ever wondered how Christmas is celebrated in different countries? Every country and culture celebrates Christmas differently. Some celebrate the festive period in a specific way, while others don’t celebrate this holiday at all! Here are my experiences of celebrating Christmas back home in the Czech Republic.

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How to take better photos: a student guide

It’s World Photography Day on Sunday 19th August! To celebrate the big day, I’ll be sharing my photography tips for taking better photos and enhancing your photos with editing apps. I often get asked how I edit my pictures, how the photos were taken or what magical “invention” helped me to capture that particular moment. All you need is a smartphone to get started!

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Back to nature

There’s a lot of breathtaking nature and scenery in Worcestershire, not far from our University campuses. Famous names like J.R.R. Tolkien, Edward Elgar and C.S. Lewis found inspiration here when creating their masterpieces. Why not spend some quality time in nature and get inspired too? If you’re in Worcester and have a free afternoon or weekend, head out of the city centre and see all that our beautiful county has to offer.

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Why you should enjoy your first year to the maximum!

What could your first year at university mean for you? Is it your first year in a new place, first contact with new people, new “home”, new lifestyle, new daily routine? Or maybe you’re coming out of your comfort zone to start a new chapter in your life? Whether you’re excited or nervous for the year ahead, here’s why it’s important to make the most of your first year at uni.