Author: Lauren Reid

I am a Worcester Uni Student Graduate, currently now on my PGCE Early Years Path. I love to travel and experience new places. I’m originally from the heart of North Wales and I couldn’t imagine a better place to have grown up than by the mountains.
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How to write a personal statement

Applying to university soon? Writing a personal statement is a necessary but also daunting part of the process. Describing your hobbies, skills, qualities, reasons for wanting to apply to the course, academic achievements and much more in 4000 characters (47 lines) is very hard! To make it as easy and stress-free as possible, here are my tips on writing a personal statement.

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Study Abroad: Everything you need to know

Whether it is one year, a semester, jetting off for some voluntary experience or attending a summer school, studying abroad is TOTALLY WORTH IT! I am writing this from my own perspective after my recent experience of studying abroad with the University of Worcester. I began with the process of applying for a semester abroad, then the interview and finally I studied in another country. Keep reading to hear about my experiences and top tips on studying abroad.

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How to Succeed at Third Year

We’re now a few weeks into Autumn term and it’s flying by already! To all you third years out there – congratulations for making it this far at University! Whether you’ve had a plain sailing first two years or whether it was surprising you even got to your third year… YOU’VE MADE IT! As a final year student myself, here are my tips on finding your feet in third year.