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Work experience – go out and get it!

After I have completed my education, just one step away with my PGCE course,  I want to be a teacher at a Special School, so to do this I need experience. So recently I have been working at a school in Gloucester called the Milestone School and it has been the best thing I have ever done!

My opinion about work experience…

My opinion about work experience…

This blog post is written by a work experience student sharing his opinion and tips about work placements.

HI, my name is Kieran and I’m a year 12 student based in the marketing department on work experience.  Here, I’m going to suggest to you why I believe that work experience is vital for anyone, whether it be in year 10, year 12 or at uni itself, as getting used to a working environment in an area in which you are interested in is vital for you future.

Work experience is essential for anyone in life, as it gives them a stepping stone into work, whether it be a paid placement when at university, or just an unpaid internship over a summer holiday at the end of your A levels. Any experience in a field that you are looking at going into is priceless, especially when looking for a job is concerned.  Potential employers like to see that an applicant for a job at their business has had relevant experience, even if it is not a very long time, any experience is better than none at all.

Gap year – friend or foe?

We all know how drastically education has changed over the last couple of years. No one is denying it: in this climate, a university degree is no longer enough to land you that dream job. You need to work harder, prove to employers you have the skills they’re looking for and show your determination through everything you do.