Practical in the Dark

Cell Biology is where the majority of my practical’s take place, it is a compulsory module which all biology students take, whatever their focus is. In summary it is a recap of biology you may of study before, with certain aspects being looked at in more detail.

This week’s lecture focused on photosynthesis, and usually a lecture will consist of a 2 hour lecture followed by a 2 hour practical with a break in the middle, although this does vary.

In the break we usually always get some chips from the Pear Tree in preparation for the practical, which follows.


This week practical was spent in the dark, as we were looks at photochemical activities of chloroplast, and the effect of light quality. We prepared reaction mixtures, which contain chloroplast suspension, and placed this under various coloured lights. This involved placing the mixtures under a cup with a coloured filter in and placing under a lamp. We then proceeded to take the absorbance using a spectrometer, every 3 minutes for 18 minutes.





We ended getting all the correct results that were expected, another successful experiment for our group. Cell Biology practical’s are always interesting as each week they will be based on what we have studied in the first half of the lecture. As well as this we get the chance to learn how to use a range of equipment, which provides you with great experience for employment after university. 

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