10 ridiculous photos of a drama student.

You’ve all heard of the stereotypical drama geek at high school – The kid who generates exuberant eccentricity, the kid who has an overactive imagination and – of course – the kid who has a flair for le théâtre.

Pretty much like that at uni, to be honest. I was scrolling through photos I was tagged in throughout my fresher’s year and what I found, absolutely befuddled me.

This wonderful originality will be sure to come through in any photo you get tagged in on Facebook.

I’ll show you some of my most shocking, random… confusing pictures from last year.


I may be 19 in this photo, but…

“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.”

So yeah… I’ll just keep unleashing that youthful dramatic creativity.


I actually remember what this photo was about.

As I said in my other blog, I love to take part in films and I was acting alongside a little girl who had this pink…err…moose?

Thought I’d grab it off her and pose for a picture. Nah, didn’t really.

A thing I’ve noticed about drama students is whenever the see a camera they run to it and do the weirdest things or make the weirdest faces.


Parents usually give their struggling student children  groceries or a spare tenner when visiting.

Mine gave me a tree from Ikea.

Blame the parents!


Especially if you’re a drama student, you’ll change your style like no tomorrow!

Guys not so much. But I had to nurture a huge beard for the web series I was in.

But now I look back at it, I do look proper Spanish. My Dad will be so proud.


He wouldn’t be so proud about this one. Looks like I have one leg and the fashion sense was purposely abysmal (I hope).

You’d definitely know how to spot a drama student around campus – They’d wear ridiculous costumes around with complete confidence, like it’s so casual to walk down the corridor with a fancy, flamboyant, feathery Victorian hat.

I remember the guys in our group had to come in dressed as girls for a feminism lecture – Your average Joe wouldn’t do that.

Takes someone who’s rather ‘unique’.


Some people like to dress up for Halloween, drama students go that extra mile

That’s not the only time I’d be wearing make-up – I’d have to wear it on stage to stop the stage lights reflecting.


I honestly haven’t got the foggiest clue – What on earth was I thinking?!

It’s like taking Necknominations to a whole new level.

As I said before – Drama Student + Camera = Craziness



It’s a fast car lifestyle! When I was filming the web show, I got the opportunity to ride the classic Sinclair C5.

The ‘I-don’t-give-a-monkey’ attitude allows these wild drama undergraduates into many different adventures.

crazy 10

GO COMPARE! As I said, new styles all the time. I do drama, but I don’t do opera…


After this post, my employability skills will increase by 20%.