Community life outside Uni

Making the most out of the Worcester community.

As much as I love student life within the university, I love to go outside and do stuff within the Worcester community.

Now it could be weird stuff like buying some cheap ‘Iceland’ bread and feeding the pigeons and swans with a few friends.

At least once a week I always walk into town, usually for no reason at all, just to clear my mind and listen to music. It’s also, I guess, the hobby of people-watching. I don’t just walk with my head down, being antisocial, I usually walk around just thinking I love this place with a massive grin on my face. Some people have given me weird looks before, even if I weren’t smiling at them, It’s all good. I love being around people, yet I love solitude. So listening to music in your own little bubble surrounded by people for me is amazing.


Within two months of being in Worcester, I saw posters for the first ever Worcester Film Festival, they needed volunteers and I jumped in for the opportunity! I handed out flyers, which was very uncomfortable , I showed people to their seats and attended a few workshops. Just doing that for two days, I made friends in the public, got free refreshments (always a bonus), got to know the town very well and at the end they took us to Pizza Hut. Stuff like that’s really great to involved in because you obviously learn new things, but also the key to feel appreciated and secure within your community.

In my second year, I joined a band and we would go to so many ‘Open Mic Nights’, where you show up to venues with your instruments and perform. We would see a lot of the same people, you eventually get talking to them and you become really connected. We eventually got asked to perform in the Worcester Music Festival and the amazing about that was to see young families dancing or just staring in awe. The best thing to do at University is to be like BT: Stay connected.


Another place, which is full of the community, is my church family that I joined when I was in my third year. A load of my friends get picked up from university and go there. It’s the perfect place for me and my spiritual growth, it’s also nice to see like-minded people and it’s very much like a family (your little brothers and sisters, grandparents etc.) There’s also things to do after services, like ‘Early 20s lunch’ which is great, because you get to meet other people your age throughout the city. They also have a lot of fun events like ‘Quiz Night’ and the like to get even more new people from Worcester. I always look forward to going there each Sunday.

Photo 29-08-2014 11 35 03

From doing so many extra-curricular thing inside an out of the university, sometimes I have to let friends down, or ask them to come with. I have no regrets though and I think more people should get to know their university’s city a bit more. However, I do get the nickname ‘Casper’ from my housemate because I’m that friendly ghost that no one seems to see!