Getting the right balance at uni

University means different things to different people, but essentially everyone is here to get a degree in something they enjoy or are passionate about.

In order to achieve that you need to study. But finding the right balance between studying, working and socialising is important to keep you healthy and happy.

Everyone has their own unique way of being happy and finding their balance. Here are some insights on what I do to maintain my balance.


Planning for the week ahead is a great way to ensure that you have time to do things you enjoy such as going to the gym or socialising with friends whilst still having time to study and rest.

I like to look at my timetable for the week and check if I have any frees between lectures when I can do some work.

If I do then I might not do all of my work at the weekend so I can do some in my frees which gives myself time to relax at the weekend.


Sometimes it can be difficult to separate your free time from the time that you should be studying. To help with this I try to do most of my work during the day which leaves the evenings to chill out.


I love socialising with my friends by going out for dinner or clubbing. Sometimes we do movie nights as they don’t cost anything.

I recently had a friend come over and we watched Pitch Perfect 2 which if you haven’t seen I highly recommend!

I think that it is really important to give yourself time to relax on your own, but also with friends to make sure you don’t get lonely as being away from home can be difficult sometimes.



I love going to the gym and I often use it as a way to de-stress or a kind of therapy as I don’t think about anything when I am there.

Exercise is a great way to cheer yourself up and if you find a gym buddy it’s even better!

They say that doing 30 minutes of exercise a day to keep yourself healthy which is hardly anything if you think about it.

When at home I usually walk my dogs for about an hour!



As students, we are all on a budget, so many students have part time jobs at university to give them some extra cash and jobs are a great way to get out of the house and meet new people as well.

I am a student ambassador for the university, but, otherwise, I don’t have a job as I would rather volunteer and focus on my studies.

Although when I go back home for holidays I pick back up working in a hotel as a waitress.

I like it when university is busy and therefore when I go home I don’t know what to do with myself and so going back to work at home is great for me.


That’s me working at my hotel back home over Christmas and receiving my Christmas gift (a mug with hot chocolate and marshmellows!).


Yes, we get set work to do at holidays, but they are called holidays for a reason! You’re meant to relax and recuperate as you don’t want to go back to university more tired than before.

I usually spend my holidays earning a bit of money, catching up with my friends back home and spending some quality time with my family. And as it was just Christmas, putting up the tree!


(Me and my mum sharing a large cocktail when we went out for an Indian, not very festive I know.)

Hope you picked up a couple of tips there about how to balance your life at university and how to adjust when going back home.

Just do what makes you happy and make sure you socialise and keep your relationships going so you don’t get too homesick.

Sophie x