How did I choose to go to University?

University is something I’ve always wanted to do, there was no sudden epiphany or realization, I wanted to go to university so I worked hard for it and managed to achieve it.

I remember at school at a young age I was in an assembly where the teacher asked what everyone wanted to be when they were older, some people said an ice cream man, some people said a lollipop man, some even went so far to say a mermaid! But not me, I stood up and told everyone I wanted to be a doctor.


So you might be wondering – if I wanted to be a doctor, why am I studying Human Biology and not Medicine? During school I worked hard to get in to Medicine, however, in AS-Level, I didn’t get the grades I needed and getting the A’s and A*’s for medicine was not achievable, so I made a plan B –post graduate entry medicine! All I needed was a first in another degree, so I started looking around other universities.

University of Worcester was one of the first universities I visited and no other university I visited after compared. Nothing could match the enthusiasm the lecturers showed, the amazing lab facilities and beautiful surroundings of Worcester. Also when I visited Worcester, lecturers told me that many of the Human Biology students are also aiming to become doctors, making University of Worcester even more desirable.

As Worcester is over an hour away, it meant I would be living at university, but this wasn’t something my family were keen on, as we are all very close. However, bit by bit, we all accepted the fact that me and my sisters can’t stay at home forever, and moving to Worcester started to not seem that bad.

It was hard in the first few weeks being away from my family, but with the support of new found friends at university and the boyfriend who came with me, Worcester became my home!


When I started the Human Biology, I found many other students had the same goal as me – to become a doctor, and there was lots and help and support on how to get there, for example access to past applications, a module for work experience in the second year and post-graduate entry seminars to attend.

Now I’m here, in Worcester, studying Human Biology and I have realised it’s the best possible thing that could have happened. I have gained so much more confidence in myself, more time to gain work experience and a strong foundation of biological knowledge.

Studying Human Biology has given me an alternative route to a dream I thought was over as soon as I got my AS-level results and studying subjects such as Cell Biology, Disease, and Human physiology has allowed me to continue to learn about topics which I am passionate about.

It may be just a cliche, but follow your dreams, there’s always a way to get where you want.

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