A new chapter: down under


I’m Jenny, a second year Education Studies student and new student blogger. I’m currently writing my very first blog post from the other side of the world! I was given a great opportunity to come and study abroad at Federation University in Australia. I cannot thank University of Worcester enough for this trip of a lifetime.


The weekend before I left, I had a big family meal and was saying my goodbyes. It still hadn’t hit me that the weekend after, I would be in a country 11 hours ahead of them. I left the UK on Wednesday 14th of February at half one in the afternoon. My flight was 7 hours long and I got to Dubai at half past twelve at night, which was the weirdest feeling ever! I then stopped at Singapore, Brisbane and finally Melbourne. Hours and hours later, I finally got to my new room where I was going to spend the next five months.


The campus accommodation is called RES, and each unit has a second year student that looks after them (RA’s). The RA’s ran events for the whole arrival weekend, so it was easier for everyone to get to know each other. The first weekend involved lots of fun games with the whole of RES, plus team meals like going out for pizza and fish and chips. We also had a bus tour of the city, went bowling and played laser tag, netball, beach volleyball and dodgeball. THE BEST FUN I’VE HAD IN A LONG TIME!!


In the first week, there were loads of international and programme events, with lots of free food, campus tours and fun activities. I am so grateful for the events that happened because I had the chance to meet lots of new people. I’ve made a good group of friends and we have all become gym buddies, had movie nights and gone out for dinner together!


Federation University is only an hour and a half away from Melbourne, so one of my flatmates and I took a weekend trip there. We went to watch a soccer game and I honestly had the best day ever – there was such a great atmosphere in the stadium! I also took a day trip to the beach with the other international students. The day itself was rainy and rubbish, but swimming in an Australian ocean was a big highlight of my time here!


As well as all of these amazing trips, we recently attended a big RES dinner too. It was so nice to get all dressed up and have everyone in one place, all smiling and having fun!

Australia has already been amazing and I’ve only just arrived! I have lots planned over the next few weeks, including camping, bowling with the unit and also SKY DIVING!! YEP!! I’m jumping out of a plane!


Until next time,

Jenny x