Worcester is the Best Place for International Students

A blog by international student Eva Van De Sande

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I’m really glad that I made the decision to go to the University of Worcester. I’m here as an exchange student from the Netherlands for a semester.

I am really enjoying my time here in Worcester, it is a lovely place. I really like the friendly people that are everywhere and I think the locals are really helpful. For international students, there is a lot of support from the University. The introduction week organised by the University International Office was a great start to the semester. We did a lot of activities, had a lot of parties and I met so many amazing friends. I love that there are so many people from different countries and I have learned about lots of different cultures. This has given me a broader view of nationalities. I have really enjoyed the different organised activities such as karaoke at the Hangar, the sports clubs and the huge number of societies at the University. I especially like the society social nights on a Wednesday evening.

I like the positive and friendly relationships between the students and teachers here. My big goal when coming here was to improve my English language and I can say that I definitely made an effort during my time here. What I like about being an exchange student are the opportunities you have to follow a selection of modules from different courses. In this way, you can broaden your knowledge.

Around Worcester city, there are a lot of amazing places to visit. My adventure in Worcester will never to be forgotten. I have explored my interests and skills and developed as a person. It is a pity that my Worcester adventure is almost over. But before it is really the end of this semester I’m going to enjoy all my coming days here and I’m definitely sure I come back to visit Worcester again.

Author: Eva Van De Sande an International Student from the Netherlands

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