A Student’s Guide to Summer Volunteering

A Volunteer in a yellow t shirt


Summer has finally arrived which means our previously chaotic student lives begin to calm down as we await the start of the next academic year.

Whilst it is important to take time to rest and rejuvenate before it’s back to lectures and assessments, summer is also the perfect time to add to your CV and get involved with volunteering and extra-curricular activities. As a result, I thought I would share my own advice, experiences and ways of volunteering as a student!


Sports Club and Society Committees

If you have been elected as a committee member for a sports club or society this may be a great way to start logging your volunteering hours over the summer. There may be tasks you can undertake or welcome events you can plan for ahead of September. When I was elected as musical director of Loco Show Co. for 2017/18, I was able to write and arrange all the music for our pantomime over the summer so it is definitely worth getting in touch with the SU to see what you can be getting up to before the officially committee training in September!

loco show co

External Organisations

If there is a particular field you are interesting in gaining experience within, contacting relevant organisations about summer placements is a great way to get your foot in the door. I contacted the Alzheimer’s Society last summer about gaining some experience and spent the summer delivering ‘Singing for the Brain’ sessions once a week in my hometown. It was a really rewarding and valuable experience and confirmed that I enjoyed working in that particular field. It was a great addition to my CV.

It’s important to remember that you will never know unless you ask and sending a simple message showing your interest in volunteering with an organisation can go a long way. My experience of volunteering last year was the highlight of my summer and has really benefited me in my pursuit of graduate employment.

Worcester Students’ Union also send out regular bulletins with volunteering opportunities to student emails and on the Worcester SU Volunteering social media so check that out for some inspiration!

Summer Camps and Opportunities Abroad 

Throughout the year, the university’s careers department advertise opportunities to spend your summer volunteering abroad. Whether this be working at an American summer camp, teaching English in China or helping to build schools in Thailand there are some pretty amazing ways to spend your time. These types of volunteering activities also encourage you to find innovative and fun ways of fundraising for travel expenses.

It may be too late to get yourself overseas for this summer but here are a few looks to give you a taste of what you could choose to do next year;

  • VESA – conservation and humanitarian projects
  • Camp America – spend the summer working and living at an American summer camp
  • Teach English in China – dedicate your summer to teaching English in China

Make the Most of your Volunteering 

However, you decide to spend your summer, if you are volunteering make sure that you get your hours recognised!

Did you know that if you log a minimum of 50 hours of your online V record with the Student’s Union then this will go on your official degree transcript when you graduate? Volunteering hours can also be used to help you achieve The Worcester Award which recognises the work experience and extra- curricular activities of students!

the worcester award

I hope this blog is helpful to those of you thinking of volunteering this summer or has inspired those of you with some spare time to find a new way to participate in something rewarding!

Meg xo