Author: Meg Trinder

Hello! I'm Meg a Psychology student at the University of Worcester. I enjoy all things musical, blogging, and watching crime dramas on Netflix! I hope you enjoying reading my blog that's all about my perspective on university life and the things I get up to whilst I am here!
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Today marks Random Acts of Kindness Day which has got me thinking about ways we can all help spread positivity and complete kind acts around campus. Whether it be handing in some lost property or smiling at a stranger, we all have the capacity to be the reason someone smiles. With this in mind, I thought I would a few ways you could be kind today and make someone smile!

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How to stay positive on Blue Monday

Today marks ‘Blue Monday’ which is said to be that day in the year when we all feel a little lower than usual. As students, we have just made it through exam week and are starting a new semester. Feeling motivated for an exciting, fresh start, right? Well, this is not always the case. Here are my top tips on staying positive this Blue Monday (and any other time you’re feeling down).

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With Progression Week almost in sight and pumpkin spiced latte back on the menu, it can only mean one thing – Halloween is here! Since coming to University, Halloween is something I’ve grown to love. The main reason for this is that I’ve found so many fun ways to celebrate by myself and with friends. Embracing the scary season means that I have some fun new activities to help shake up my regular routine. Here are a few of my favourite ways to get into the spooky spirit as a student.

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How to Find a Balance at University

The amount of opportunities available to you at University can be totally overwhelming. Whether it’s working part time alongside your studies, being part of a society or volunteering in your spare time – it can be difficult to juggle all the elements of a busy student lifestyle. Personally, I manage to juggle my degree, four part-time jobs and society commitments whilst at University. So if I can do it, anyone can! Here are my top 5 tips on balancing your life at University.

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Turning your uni room into a home

Now we’re a few weeks into Autumn term, you’re either finding your feet with university or settling back into your student life. If you’re anything like me, wanting your new room to feel comfortable will be an important part of your Uni transition. Here are my decor tips and tricks to help you turn your new student space into a cosy new home!

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Getting Back into that University Mindset

I can’t quite believe that after a lovely, long summer at home, I am moving into my second year house and am weeks away from starting the next year at University! However, as great as it was having such a lengthy summer I have to admit thinking about getting back into an academic frame of mind is daunting. Here are my tips on settling back into uni and getting back into that university mindset.