I’m sure we’ve all had the importance of being a ‘well rounded individual’ drilled into us since secondary school but since coming to University I’ve realised that this is so true. You’ll find it really useful in the future if you make the most of all your time at University and take up unique opportunities that you can put on your CV and talk about in interviews.

With this in mind, I thought I’d share some ideas of things you can do alongside your degree to get you that extra something and help you stand out from the crowd.

The Worcester Award

If you are a University of Worcester student, you are able to complete this employability award at any point during your degree. The Worcester Award recognises your work experience and extracurricular activities whilst also giving you valuable interview practice. You can complete the award at bronze, silver, gold and platinum level depending on how much time you have on your hand and Employers think highly of it. Only 200/10,000 students here complete it each year here so it’s a rare and excellent thing to have.

The Worcester Award looks great on your CV

Society Committee or Campaign Team

Societies are a huge part of student life here at Worcester and each society has its own committee responsible for its management and running. There are roles such as Chairperson, Secretary, treasurer or Inclusivity rep, all of which allow you to gain valuable skills and experience that will look good to an employer. For example, I have taken on the role of musical director and chairperson at Loco Show Co. so I can definitely recommend this as something fulfilling and fun to do outside of lectures. There are also SU elections each year where you can volunteer as part of a campaign team!

Joining a club or Society and playing an active role can look excellent on your CV

Volunteering and Part Time Work

The University offers some excellent volunteering opportunities. The Student’s Union send out emails with upcoming chances to volunteer in various ways and settings. They also have their own SU crew that volunteer to help run and manage events on campus. There is a weekly part time jobs bulletin that goes up in FirstPoint with details of local jobs or roles within the University. Having any part time job alongside your studies will highlight that you are able to manage your time well and are self-sufficient. Sometimes you can find roles that are relevant to your career aspirations. I managed to get a job as a Student Wellbeing Champion in my first year which I still love doing and relates directly to my Psychology degree. So have a look – who knows what you might find!

Volunteering can help you make friends whilst you gain experience

Summer Work Experience

Something I definitely wish I had done last summer was make the most of my time. As uni students we get extra-long summer breaks so there is plenty of opportunity to volunteer, gain work experience or take on something new. If I’m honest, I was put off last year as I wasn’t able to find a summer job where I lived so I stopped looking. However, this summer I have emailed around in advance asking if anywhere relevant would take me for some work experience and I was successful. Even if it’s a few days or a week it’s still valuable and will 100% benefit you in the graduate job hunt.

I hope these suggestions get you thinking about your own experience and how you want to make the most of your time at university. My final advice would be to use your time here to shape your best version of you!

Meg x

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