A guide to mental health support on campus

Today marks University Mental Health Day, a chance to raise awareness of mental health in our campus community. Student life can be stressful, with deadlines, exams and adjusting to a new lifestyle at uni. To see what support services are available here at Worcester Uni, here’s my guide to mental health support on campus.

Mental health support on campus

Did you know that 1 in 4 university students in the UK experience mental health problems during their studies? At Worcester Uni, we’re lucky to have a wealth of fantastic support available to those who need it. This ranges from Student Support and Wellbeing, to the Counselling and Mental Health team. All of the student services you need can be be accessed via Firstpoint. There is also an independent advice service at Worcester Students’ Union that can be accessed by all students via the Welcome Desk or online.

There are also regular Fancy A Cuppa events where students can go for a free hot drink, biscuit and chat with support staff in a relaxed and safe environment. This runs every Tuesday and Thursday in Firstpoint between 1pm and 2pm. Every other Tuesday the sessions include the Pets as Therapy dogs too!

Mental health events on campus

Worcester Uni will be celebrating University Mental Health Day on Tuesday 19th March, where there will be a number of events taking place across campus. This year, the Student Wellbeing Champions’ theme is the ‘elephant in the room’, with one of the activities involving literally writing positive messages on a large cardboard elephant. City and St John’s Campus will also host an information stand with free bananas to give away from 10am to 2pm.

The Off the Scale vintage clothing bus will also make its return to Union Square and there will be lots taking place inside The Hangar. The Student Wellbeing Champions will be hosting a bake off, there will be crafternoon activities and the opportunity to decorate your very own UW Rock with positive messages to distribute around campus. There will also be a poetry workshop and competition for those wanting to get creative and Pets as Therapy Fancy a Cuppa will be running on the day too.

All of these events aim to showcase the University’s commitment to supporting mental health on campus. These activities are great ways to boost your wellbeing: spending time with animals, getting creative, enjoying a quiet moment with a cup of tea, helping others (donating money to charity/volunteering) and positive self talk are all great for your mental health.

About University Mental Health Day

The theme of this year’s University Mental Health Day is ‘Use your Voice’, which is all about using your voice to shape the future of student mental health. I spoke with our Counselling and Mental Health team about this, and here is one of our mental health adviser’s thoughts on this theme:

“We all have a voice and stories to share. We want to celebrate the power of our voice by creating long lasting change, inspiring conversations and coming together as a community to shape the future of mental health at this University.

I would love to achieve the start of many conversations, to educate people, to support our students and hopefully leave them with a lasting concept of good mental health awareness in practice.

I would also hope that students feel empowered to express their views on how University mental health support provision should be.”

Whether you’re an advocate for mental health, are experiencing mental health problems yourself or know someone that may be struggling, there is plenty to get involved in. In the spirit of this year’s theme, don’t be afraid to share your views on university mental health support and share your own mental health story.

Remember it’s okay to talk about your mental health. We can work together to help end the stigma surrounding mental health problems and support each other here on campus. It all starts with a conversation…

Meg x

Next steps

If you feel like you’re struggling with emotional or psychological problems, it’s important to seek support. If you’d like to register for counselling on campus or need some useful mental health resources, please visit the Counselling and Mental Health Service pages on the University website.

Top tip: check out our mental health workshops and support groups here at the Uni.

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