My Experience Volunteering in Bali

By Karolina Frybova

When I started thinking about my plans for summer I knew I want to experience something new, challenging and unforgettable. I always loved travelling and exploring different cultures. But the travelling itself wasn’t enough for me therefore I decided to combine it with something useful, something what will enhance my CV and push my limits and that’s why I chose to spend my summer volunteering.

bali 4

There are so many volunteering opportunities all around the world and to find the best match for you it’s really important to do some research, find some reviews and speak to people who have already been there. I found my best fit in Bali. Volunteer in Bali is a non-profit organisation which provides English education for local children.

I have never been to Bali or Asia before and I have never taught anyone anything so I knew this was going to be a good challenge for me and would help me to explore my limits.

Volunteering is a great chance to learn a lot about yourself and push your boundaries. Before I went to Bali I couldn’t imagine living in a local village with geckos and no hot running water. Don’t get me wrong I am not a spoiled person, but we all have our norms and we all are all used to something different in Europe. However, you can get used to everything.

bali 6

You can easily imagine how shocked I was when I entered the ‘classroom’ which was a backyard full of 20 Balinese children who were aged between 5 to 7 years old and didn’t speak English.  Surprisingly, with the children I lost the language barrier really fast and had a really good time with them. I felt like a movie star because everyone wanted to hug me and take a picture with me. You fall in love with these children so easily and quickly as they are adorable.

The children don’t have much, most of them are from really poor backgrounds but it doesn’t stop them having fun and being happy. I’ve never seen so much joy at one place, especially when that place is a school. It really makes you to think about your own problems and how pointless and stupid some of them are.

On my program we had the opportunity to travel around Bali because we were only teaching from Monday to Thursday and therefore we had plenty of time during the weekend to explore Bali and other islands.

Bali 3

To sum it up, volunteering in Bali was an eye-opening experience which I think made me a better person. I realised how lucky and grateful I am for all the opportunities I have. It made me see that not all our perceived problems are relevant and that even the little things can make you happy.

You can find out more about my experiences on Youtube