5 ways Worcester Graduates can succeed

Did you ever think you would be putting yourselves in the shoes of someone who is a graduate? I did not think this day would come.

As Worcester Graduates we have the awesome excitement of graduation coming up, and if you are not about to graduate this blog is still for you. Maybe you are soon to be a graduate, a year away, five years away or one day hoping you will be a graduate (it is possible!)

Entering the world as a graduate is an exciting and scary time. Whether you are looking to go into a full time job, taking a gap year or simply just enjoying the fact you are a graduate (tell the world!) then here are some ways in which WE can and will make a difference to those around us.

A sign with the word 'expert' on it is highlighted against a clear blue sky.
You are an expert!

1: You’re fresh out of University and a qualified expert in your degree

My lecturer once told me to brag about the fact I am an expert in my degree. I never would have imagined bragging about my degree.. but here I am posting it in my Instagram bio ad talking about it in blog posts

It can be tough trying to find a job straight after university, but it is not impossible. Remember: You have gained so much knowledge!

2: You have the chance to expand your degree, and maybe go for a masters or a post grad?

I clearly am mad and have decided to do my Primary PGCE straight after my under grad. Just kidding, I’m not mad, I need this degree to be a teacher and I think that there is always more to learn. With a degree that is a higher qualification than your under grad, or will even allow you to be known as a ‘Doctor’ you will go into the world with even more experience than you have now.

A student is receiving her Worcester award Certificate from Ross Renton
Worcester Award students now is your time to shine!

3. Worcester award students, you know who you are, it is definitely something to talk about!

Many University of Worcester students have completed the Worcester award, received their certificates and it now takes a proud place on their CV.. and if you have not included it in your CV, make sure you do! Or mention it during an interview, not all university students get to say they did an extra award during their time studying. So make the most of it!

Your skills, expertise and proof of volunteering etc. will show an employer how committed you are!

4. Don’t freak out, you have a degree in your hand!

Count yourself as clever for getting a degree. And you did not just ‘get it’ you worked hard for it. Yes, it is now scary, you no longer can just wake up whenever you want and stroll to in to work like you do at university. You can no longer have a bunch of time off during the summer, you can no longer party every night and go to fresher’s events. Reality has hit all of us graduates.

It is true, graduating from University is a scary time. However, think of the world as your oyster: Whether you want to travel, pursue a job or just take time to think about what you want to do next.. you will make a difference wherever you are. You can research travel opportunities and paid internships as well as graduate jobs, there’s a lot out there.


Yes. You heard it from me. Enjoy life, do not do the things you do not want to do. Take every opportunity that you can and make the most of it. You are a graduate and that is something to be proud of.

Most importantly, capture all those moments and look back at the memories from university. They do say university is the best time of your life.

Enjoy your graduation! The cathedral is beautiful and its always a fantastic day.

Congrats Graduates, and good luck future Worcester Uni Graduates! 


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