Working as a Student Ambassador

Whilst at University I was given the opportunity to work as a student ambassador. Having this job was a really good experience for me and throughout this blog I will talk about all the great things you can do as a Student Ambassador.

So first, what is a Student Ambassador?

Student ambassadors are trained by the University’s Communications and Participation Department to support a variety of events and activities. This includes events like Open Days, or prize giving ceremonies, giving campus tours, creating digital content like blogs or Instagram stories and admin tasks. It’s a flexible way of earning money while you’re at University and you can fit it around your studies and deadlines.

What did being a Student Ambassador mean for me?

Working as a student ambassador gave me the chance to meet with academics throughout the University who I would have not otherwise have met. Having the chance to work alongside these academics was great as it allowed me to see what events were happening across the University. It also meant I was able to gain knowledge of the courses that the University offered and this meant I was able to talk to prospective students and parents about their interests at Open Days

I was able to work with other students from all over the University. This was great for me as, in my own course, I spent most of my time at City Campus which meant the number of students I would see could be limited at times. It also meant we were able to get to know each other on a personal level and I made some really great friends.

What are the Benefits?

One of the many benefits of being a student ambassador was that it allowed me to improve a good number of transferable skills, including leadership and organisation. This was due to me being able to manage my rota throughout the day, as well as helping visitors with any queries they may have had whilst walking around campus.

I was also able to develop my communication skills. Although I’d already improved these in my studies of Law, working as a Student Ambassador allowed me to develop my abilities further as there were so many different types of people I had to chat with. At many events there were parents, fellow students, staff members, academics & prospective students. Each set of people had different needs and the way I communicated with them was very important.

How much can you work?

Of course, when you are working you want to try and get the highest amount of hours possible, but because of assessments and coursework there are times when you won’t be able to work lots of hours. The University suggest you don’t work more than 20 hours a week during term time in any part-time job. As a student ambassador you are not required to work every single Open Day or Applicant Day. You are free to choose when you can and can’t want. The team who organise and manage the Open Days are very understanding about it and acknowledge that your degree comes first. So, if you do need to hand in an assessment the same weekend as an Open Day then you simply let the Events Team know and they will not put you down to work.

Overall, the thing I would say about being an ambassador is that it is incredibly rewarding. This is because you are often the first person a prospective student will see and you are seen as someone who can really shape their perspective on University life. This gives you the opportunity to talk about all the great things you’ve been able to achieve whilst you’ve been at University. You can also put their mind at rest if you see they’re concerned about certain things, like moving away from home. Being an Ambassador really does allow you to encourage and inspire the next generation of students, as well as giving you the chance to improve on a lot of skills and see different areas of the University.

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