A day in the life of a law student at Worcester

At the beginning of my course, I was one of the few students who were studying the new law course at that time, so my timetable was extremely flexible. Some days I would need to be awake around 7am in the morning, where others I could lay in bed until 11am!! That’s a massive win if you’re a student! Whatever time I had to be awake, I would always make sure I gave myself around about an hour to get myself sorted. That would include having a shower, getting all my stuff ready for the day, speaking to the family & most importantly, saying hello to Max, our dog.

Next, came my car journey to Worcester. This was probably one of my favourite parts of my day as it gave me a real sense of independence and also gave me key driving experience, that I would not have gotten otherwise. However, for me it was much more than just a simple drive to and from University. It was more a time for me to reflect on my entire University experience. The one downside was getting stuck in traffic every now and then, but its not too bad when you’re in a nice warm car.

Once I was in Worcester it was time for the ‘main event,’ so to speak. This was the time to learn what I’d wanted to be learning for the last 5 years. Whether it was Public law or Contract law, Company law or Employment law, I was engrossed. Going from thinking you knew almost everything to realising there’s more to Law than you could ever imagine, was extremely eye opening. It meant I could occupy myself for hours and hours reading and learning about all the stuff that I found to be interesting.

I wanted to know more about the different reasons why a contract could be broken or how people playing loud music could amount to a nuisance. For me, I wanted to make the absolute most out of my time at University and I would always try and find out as much as I possibly could.

As for the lectures themselves, they were always a great time. Because as important as learning was, it was always done in a way that made it engaging and fun. Even if there was a subject that didn’t sound too great on the face of it, it was always made to be something we would enjoy. The environment was helped by the incredible set of people I had around who made the experience all the more fun with their witty jokes and great personalities. The best thing about the whole degree is that I am still very close with a number of those people now.

At the end of the day I would either travel back home or go with friends to get something to eat. Either way, it was still a nice experience. Going out after was always a great way to bond with one another and is what made us so close with one another.

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