Being the first generation in my family to go to University

Being the first generation of my family to go to University was something I took great pride in. It felt like I had really achieved something and that I had made my whole family very proud. This blog will talk about the support I was given by my parents and how it felt to be the first to go to University.

When I first entertained the idea of going to University my parents were very keen for me to do whatever I wanted to do. This was a really good position to be in and if I decided that University was the place for me then my parents would fully support me, but, if I decided it wasn’t for me then they would still offer that same encouragement. So when I finally made the decision that I wanted to go to University both my Mum and my Dad were eager for me to make the most of the opportunity. This meant we were doing a tonne of research to find the right place for me and were going to as many Open Days as possible (I’d advise everyone to do that to help make an informed decision).

We decided to choose a University that was quite close to home but would also gave me the chance to gain some independence. At the same time we were also looking for somewhere that was prospering and on the up. That’s when we found Worcester. Being one of the first ever students to do Law at the University of Worcester was great for me, but it was also great for my family as they knew that I wouldn’t get lost in the crowd due to the small class sizes.

The first few weeks of my course were stressful, more so for my Mum than me. I was away for most of the day at times and wouldn’t get back till 5 or 6 in the evening she would often worry, as mothers do. My Mum soon understood that I was fine and that it was just how things were going to be. Every major change means adjustment for you and your parents! However, soon, when I did get home she was always really eager to hear about everything that I’d gotten up to. She was also excited to help out wherever she could even though she didn’t really know too much about Law or University.

As for my dad, he was very helpful and every time we would see each other over the weekend we would always start off by talking about what I had been up to during the week, anything new and exciting I’d learned and also just how it was all going generally. He was a really kind figure and, along with my mum, would give me advice based on the experiences they had had during their working lives. Having this advice really did help me throughout my entire University life and gave me the confidence I needed to push myself and achieve the best I could from my degree. Its always a good idea to speak to others about your experiences, they may be able to help!

Overall being the first in my family to go to University was brilliant. It was such an empowering experience and being able to have that to my name is something I will always cherish. It also showed me that it really didn’t matter that no one in my family had been to University before. The support for me was still there, both from the Uni and my family, and it allowed me to create a platform for the younger generations of my family to potentially follow.

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