The Power of Positivity

Psychology Graduate Jo Adams Talks to us about how positivity can change your life:

“Positive mind; positive vibes; positive life!”

I found this quote during my first year of University and it has stuck with me ever since

My interest in the power of positivity grew over my first year at University and I started researching different techniques to help me have a focus on positive thinking, leading to a more positive outlook on life. Fast forward to my final year of University, I studied a module called Positive Psychology which focused on mindfulness, meditation and positive thinking and how these practices can have a beneficial impact on a person’s wellbeing. Looking at the topic from a research point of view concreted my views on just how important positivity is! 

To help you out I’ve created a list of five key things I think you can do to start living positively! 

  1. Gratitude lists- I started writing gratitude lists just over a year ago now and am certain it has helped boost positivity. The idea of this is that you take the time to write a list of 5-10 things that you are grateful for every day. For example, I am grateful for having friends who love and support me when times are difficult or stressful. This can bring light to the most negative of days and provide you with a new perspective you may have ignored throughout the day. 
  1. Know your happy place- finding and knowing your happy place is super important in terms of having a place here you can escape all negativity. This could be your bedroom and a certain coffeeshop you like. Wherever it is, keep it a positive and happy place. This way when you are feeling stressed or negative you can use this place as your escape. 
  1. Explore new ideas- Don’t be afraid to be open to new ideas and trying new things. By exploring techniques and theories that allow you to live a more positive life, you may discover something you had never considered before. Perhaps meditation, moonology or journaling. By trying new things, you may find yourself forming new routines which help you focus in on the positives and slowly it will become second nature to consider the positives over the negatives. 
  1. Take everything step by step- sometimes things can become increasingly overwhelming and that’s completely okay and happens to a lot of us. When this starts to affect your positivity try and take a step back and take each step at a time. By taking life day by day you can visualise things in a more positive light without worrying about the past or future by living in the now. 
  1. Try to see the positive in every situation- even with the most negative situations it is important and possible to see it as a learning curve and put a positive spin on it. This can be difficult to consider sometimes but try to have a more open and positive mindset. Practice makes perfect. 

Stay positive and let me know if these techniques work for you!