Making a Feature Film

Film Production student Alex Blazina talks to us about

Have you ever thought about how feature films are made? Or maybe how they put a full length film together? Then keep reading as I am about to tell you how I, and 8 of my classmates, produced and edited a feature length film in under 3 months.

If you are like me, a huge film lover and a bit of a film buff, then you know that a feature length film (90 minutes) takes about 3 months to shoot and 6-9 months to edit and put together. We did it the whole thing in 3 months.

Preliminary character sketches

I was the producer for the film and our plan was to shoot every day for 3 weeks. Starting on November 4th 2019. We had 8-12 hour shooting days and no one got enough sleep but we all put in a lot of sweat, passion and patience.

Filming planning meeting

Normally when you do a feature film, you are working with a budget of $100 000 and up. If you are working with big names or studios, you are looking at a budget of $1 million and up. Our entire budget was £2200. That’s it. £1000 was given to us from the University and the rest was donated from an Indiegogo campaign and from friends and relatives. 

This feature film was the first time Film Production students have attempted something this ambitious. I think that’s why we had a lot of support from the University, including other departments and, if everything works, out there will be a huge premier of the film in London (Leicester square) in May. You are all invited…

So what it’s like to produce a feature film in 3 weeks. Well, it’s stressful but rewarding in the end. Putting a budget plan, coming up with a shooting schedule and doing all the logistics that will make this film happen and then send it to the big screen. One of the biggest responsibilities I had was to get the funds for this film and find locations.

Some of our filming kit

I started an Indiegogo campaign which raised over £600. I was then able to get support from a Hollywood director – Max Joseph. He directed “We Are Your Friends” with Zac Efron and Emily Ratajkowski. That allowed us to cast some big names and get proper locations we needed. I think one of the locations that stood out the most was getting Zizzi’s to agree to let us film there. After meeting the owner, and talking with him about what we needed, he was kind enough to give us the location for free and free food and drinks for the cast and crew.

Now it is 3 months later and we’re almost done with the finishing touches. Only thing left to do is colour grading, fix the sound and write the score for the film. Then it will be ready to send out to festivals and premiers. Hopefully you will be inspired by the story I’ve just told you and consider doing Film Production at University?

My camera

Anyway, I am off to supervise this last touches to the film and I’ll see you guys on the premier. Uhh, and if you want to follow us and see what’s happening, FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM @alexblazina1 & @thecornerstonemovie.

Here’s our Sizzle reel:

See you later 🙂