Things to do whilst you’re staying at home.

This post was published on 7th April 2020 Any references to self-isolation, travel or meeting others was accurate at the time of writing but the guidance may have changed since. Please always refer to the latest Government advice.

This time is very unsettling for everyone. The unknown can be a bit nerve racking but there are things we can do! We must listen to the government regulations, and I hope you are all safe and well at home with your loved ones. 

I came up with a few things of what we can do during this time. If we cant do the things we normally do on a daily basis, we may as well find some new hobbies, right? 

Go for a short walk! 

Currently, the Government have allowed us all to go on one short walk a day. However, we need to keep to the social distancing rules.  

Going for a walk will really help to settle your mind, to see the beauty around us or even just to clear your head. 

We all need some fresh air during this time and you can even make it a short run if you are wanting to keep up with some exercise during your time off!  

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Read a new and exciting book!

Now, I am NOT a book reader in any way shape or form. However, since I figured I will be inside a lot of the time, I thought I would purchase two books and start reading! It has genuinely become a new love of mine. I hate being stuck inside the house but theres nothing better than being indoors when you find a good book to read. 

It’s time to pull out a book from that old dusty shelf of yours and get reading or order yourself a book from the internet. There’s also websites which allow you to access out-of-copyright books for free such as Project Gutenburg. 

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Do some yoga / exercise:

My mum and I recently just got out our Wii again! (Yes they still exist in some households haha!). We rolled out our mats as you can see below and found some weights. We decided we will do this once every day to keep up with fitness whilst we are off work. 

You will certainly feel refreshed after doing some exercise, whether that is out in the sun or in your bedroom or living room. 

Yoga is also very relaxing and can provide a good sense of ‘time away from the world’. 

YouTube is great for workout videos and people like Joe Wicks ‘The Body Coach’ are a good place to start. 

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I used to absolutely love journalingand then I found I had no time to do it and got out of the habit. This is a really good time for me to go back to it again. I’ve been using my Mrs Hinch book and have started writing down some of my day to day thoughts and my plans for this time. 

Journaling is a really good way of laying everything out on the table and looking over your thoughts from each day. You may even take journaling to the next level and begin to write blogs for your own personal self (or online!). Everything you do will impact your well-being in a good way. 

Let your thoughts run away with you. 

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Join a virtual ‘day out’ 

Yes, there is such thing as a virtual ‘day out’ but it’s technically a day in. 

Let’s Day Out is launching a ‘Let’s Day In’ to all IOS users, giving you a huge amount of events to do whilst your off in isolation. 

Things such as: 

  • Live cooking demonstrations 
  • Art classes 
  • Yoga sessions 
  • Work-out sessions 
  • Online meet-ups 

The events are completely  free, however you do have the option of donating £1 to the World Health Organisation. I think this idea of virtual games/activities is such a great way for us to get connected and use our time wisely and effectively. 

Sort through your wardrobe! 

This is the dreaded time that you may have been putting off for a very long time. Maybe you have “always been busy” or “have always had something going on”. Well, now is the time! 

Yes, grab those bin bags and make piles of clothing to donate to charities or clothing banks. Or get rid of the clothes that you no longer use. You will feel so much better when everything you own is properly organised. 

That’s it for now. Remember to look after yourself during this time and I’ll speak to you soon! xxxx

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