Student friendly study spaces in Worcester

Want to find a cute little Instagram worthy coffee shop in Worcester? I think I have a few ideas for you!

Coffee hard, study hard

Who doesn’t love grabbing a cuppa tea or a coffee in a cute little coffee shop, whilst writing your assignment?! Sometimes you need to get out of your room and study in a different environment. When I moved to Worcester my number one aim each week was to hit a new coffee shop and find a nice space to get my laptop out to type up some lecture notes. Here’s my favourites:

Wayland’s Yard

I love Wayland’s Yard! It is so friendly! Even better.. it has a super fun garden with swinging bench chairs (I think we all just sit on these for the instagram photos really!) The coffee and tea at Wayland’s Yard is delicious! I often go for an Early Grey tea and it comes in a really lovely pot (extra brownie points)! Many students take their laptop and a few books here, so you won’t get stares for doing that I promise!

Where? It’s located at 6 Foregate Street (right by the train station)

Francini Cafe De Colombia

These guys offer a 10% student discount hip hip hooray!! Who doesn’t love a good discount? I love Francini’s cafe, it has such a great vibe, with it’s Colombian music, bright colours and artwork/jewellery on every wall. The decor is is just as fun as the staff who are so warm and pleased to see you. I would definitely recommend the mango drink and the ciabatta sandwiches! Delicious!

Where? Opposite the University Jenny Lind building near the bus stop!

Starbucks.. duh!

Starbucks is always a good shout for a study space and, in Worcester, we are lucky enough to have 2! I would recommend the one on Broad street near McDonald’s as it has a little more space and I always see students in there! However, the one on Cathedral square is a little bit calmer and often has less people so it’s easier to get your books out!

Where? Broad street and Cathedral Square in the town centre

Cafe Bolero

I only just recently went to Cafe Bolero for the first time. It was super cute, I loved the environment and I didn’t feel judged whilst getting my laptop out either! There’s plenty of tables and outside seating here and they serve light lunches and snacks as well as coffee.

Where? Near O’Neills bar, on Nicholas street!

I hope a few of these ideas give you a bit of an adventure into studying and making use of your chill time! It’s always fun to get out for a while and find a nice coffee shop! Enjoy and remember to Instagram your best finds.

Lauren xxx