My Favourite Module On The BA HONS English Literature Course At Worcester.

The modules taught within a degree change periodically and the assignments within them differ each year. The most up-to-date information is available to you once you have accepted a place and registered on a course.


So, across the three years of my undergraduate degree in BA Hons English Literature, the Uni provided a range of modules which offered a variety of texts to interest my cohort. You do have to cover certain subjects in order to complete your degree but there’s definitely room to focus on what you are interested in. The modules offered cover a broad range of literary genres, from the study of the first novella to modern pieces of literature that are published today.

Some of the subjects currently covered include: Bodies and beings, Places and Spaces, Movement and Migration, Writing and the Environment, Justice and Revenge: from Tragedy to the Western and Gothic and Romantic Literature. Phew, there’s a lot there, but you can also ask for help from the Programme Advisors at the Uni if you get stuck.

So, which module across the three years was my favourite? I would argue that ‘American Writing and The Wilderness’ was particularly memorable for me. Taught by Dr David Arnold, the module gave students an opportunity to engage with American writing that specialised in a focus on the natural environment. Through fascinating lecture presentations and group work opportunities, we looked at a variety of critical essays, short stories and poetry. The sense of freedom and intrigue that some of these texts offered was incredible, or as Thoreau would say, they leave you “absolutely free from all worldly engagements,” in a focused state of mindfulness.

The first assignment for this module gave us the opportunity to either write an essay or to write about our own experiences of a ‘saunter’ and how it compared to the ideas that Henry David Thoreau, explored in his 1862 critical essay ‘Walking,’ an examination of freedom and wildness in nature. You can read Thoreau’s essay here!

The module was very well rounded, I really enjoyed the teaching from Dr Arnold, the enhanced creativity, fascinating texts and it was generally a fun module to participate in! Before University, my knowledge of American Literature was rather sparse, yet I now have extensive knowledge of American writing after studying several modules dedicated to it. Many of the modules on the English Literature BA (Hons) build on each other over your three years of study and there are currently opportunities to study American Literature in other forms in your first and second year.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!

Rhianna. 😊