5 Unexpected things about my Biomedical Science Degree


I’m Amy and I’m currently a second-year student studying Biomedical Science at the University of Worcester. I want to share 5 things with you that may surprise you (In a good way) about doing a Biomedical Science Degree at the UoW. I Hope you enjoy it!

  1. You don’t actually have to become a Biomedical Scientist!

While a high percentage of students completing a Biomedical Science degree do go onto become Biomedical Scientists, a huge proportion of students intend to use the degree as a stepping stone in the right direction. It can be a great gateway degree if you’re thinking of going into research, sales, medical practice or even teaching. The Degree is very versatile and is excellent for those wanting to pursue a health profession pathway such as post-graduate medicine!

2. You’ll get to socialise with more than just your Biomed cohort!

You of course do get to know other students in your cohort but majority of the modules are mixed with other biology related degree pathways. This means that you have the opportunity to socialise with students from other degrees within the school of science and the environment. I personally was unaware of this when beginning my Biomed degree, but I’ve made some great friends from an array of pathways and expanded my social circle in the process!

3. We Have a Biomedical Science Society!

Our society is completely optional to join but provides a great opportunity to get to know other Biomed students from foundation years through to third years. The society is open to all University of Worcester students regardless of course and also collaborates with other societies within the university. As well as this, the society has collaborated with Biomedical Science societies from different universities (namely Bristol, Lincoln, Aston and many more).

The Biomedical Science society hosts talks from people in the industry and the society’s affiliation with the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) means that it can provide a great insight to what your future may hold and special opportunities available to you! They also host socials which are a great way to destress after a tough week of lab practicals and lectures. You really can work hard and play hard if you choose too!

4. Our Degree is accredited by the Institute of Biomedical Science!

Here at the University of Worcester the Biomedical Science degree is accredited by the IBMS which is the official body for Biomedical Scientists. This means that once you complete your degree, if you choose to become a Biomedical Scientist by completing a final portfolio you aren’t required to take any additional modules that students on a non-accredited degree (from a different university) would have to.

5. A Variety of Lecturers from a variety of specialisms

As a Biomedical Science Student at the University of Worcester you’ll get to experience teaching from an abundance of lecturers within the School of Science and Environment. All of these lecturers are extremely passionate about what they’re teaching, and their specialisms include cancer immunology, neurophysiological disorders, haemostatic disorders, protein biochemistry and plant molecular genetics just to name a few. Its great to have such an array of lecturers with varying teaching styles; It means that anything you’re interested in or want professional links to, there is likely to be a lecturer at the university with exactly the knowledge you’re looking for!

I hope I’ve opened you eyes to what to expect from a Biomedical Science Degree here at the University of Worcester! If you want to see the Tiktok that is paired with this blog follow @universityofworcester on Tiktok!

Amy xx