Five Unexpected things about my physiotherapy degree

Hi, my name is Asli. I am currently a third-year Physiotherapy BSc (Hons) student at the University of Worcester. In this blog, I will share five unexpected things about studying Physiotherapy at UoW.

1. You get to work closely with other university course students

You get to socialise with other students during modules on the course. For instance, on the Physiotherapy course, you get to work with Occupational Therapy students. I was aware that Physiotherapists collaborate with Occupational Therapists in practice. However, I did not expect the opportunity to have fun and exciting sessions with them at Uni!

As well as being able to make friends, working with other students prepared you for practice. As I felt by having this opportunity, you have an advantage when you are in a clinical setting.  As you are aware and have an insight into the professions so helps smooth sailing of teamwork.

2. There is a Physio society

When I first started Uni, I was unaware that there was a Physio society at UoW. This society is a great environment to join, but it is optional! The Physio society provides an opportunity to network and liaise with different year groups. Revision sessions and advice to support development in the Physiotherapy career are also offered.

In the Physio society guest speakers also attend scheduled sessions. Not only will you gain valuable knowledge from them, but it is often motivating to hear guest speaker’s passion for their area of expertise.

3. How confident you become as a student physiotherapist!

Initially, I felt nervous when starting the course and anxious about putting my Physio knowledge into practice in a clinical setting. However, it essential to acknowledge, you’re not the only one that feels this way! As a student you have the opportunity to be inquisitive, ask for help, and gain the support you need to develop further.

Great news -the Physio lecturers on the course are enthusiastic and supportive. I did not expect that the lecturers would still be working in clinical areas, but they are and I found this really beneficial. As all the different background specialties the lecturers had, it enables you to gain a broad, in-depth insight into different clinical settings scenarios. 

So be sure to remember, as you progress throughout the years, you’ll end up seeing yourself as a confident student Physio!

4. Physio provides a range of opportunities

I learned from placements and different modules on how Physiotherapists have a role to play in a vast variety of settings. Physios have an important role in MSK (musculoskeletal), neuro, and respiratory medicine! There are roles and needs for Physios as first contact practitioner in GPs, Physios in mental health, or women’s health settings. These were all surprising facts and gave me options to think about.

An unexpected opportunity I encountered on the course was being on a contemporary placement. One might wonder, what is this? This refers to role emerging placements, whereby the setting does not have existing Physiotherapy services.  My contemporary mental health placement was a fantastic experience. I had the opportunity to run a project to promote physical activity and integrate into the service. This included fun sessions like Zumba!

5. Role of physios in physical activity promotion

An unexpected thing I learned about Physio was how Physios play an integral role in promoting physical activity overall. On the course, you learn how Physiotherapists can promote health and well-being to improve people’s quality of life. An interesting concept I learned early on from the course was the biopsychosocial approach Physiotherapists can take. So, no, Physios don’t only consider the biological aspect of an issue a patient might have! But instead, we consider social and psychosocial factors as well! So, Physios take on a holistic approach to seeing patients tailor their care to help suit their needs.

So that is the five unexpected things during my Physiotherapy course at UoW. I hope this provides an insight into the course.

Asli 🙂