My Clearing Experience

Student Ambassador, Lizzie West, talks about her experience as a student coming through the clearing process at Worcester:

On results day, I quickly realised that I had done considerably worse on my exams than I expected. I had been given a conditional offer at the University of Worcester but, unfortunately for me, I had not met the requirements. I was understandably very concerned about my place, the year ahead and my future. When I managed to calm myself, I looked on the university website to plan my next step. I realised that the course I originally applied for was on the list of courses available to clearing applicants and that I could ring the University to find out more.

I prepared myself for the questions I might be asked and got the details I’d need when calling the clearing hotline. When I felt fully prepared, I dialled the number 01905 855111. The University of Worcester have got a check list of the information you’ll need to hand on their website.

As I imagined, there were many other potential students in the same position calling the clearing hotline, so it took a few tries to get through. When I did, it was a quick process of being forwarded to the correct operator, passing on details and answering simple questions. I explained the situation and expressed my motivation and enthusiasm for the course I had originally applied for. The operator gave me a verbal offer and I had to fill in additional administration, such as a questionnaire. I received an email quickly and my UCAS track updated the evening of the same day.

My Advice to Applicants Going Through Clearing

Give yourself some time to calm down – all is not lost

Take a minute to come to terms with your results, take a breath and calm yourself. Make a note of the clearing number whilst you look at your options 01905 855111.

In my initial panic, I would have been unable to think clearly or understand and remember the right information (for example what information I would need with me when calling). I would definitely not be in the right head space to choose a prospective course!

Taking some time to come to terms with the situation allowed me to properly consider my options.

Have a loose script:

Making such an important call, made me very nervous. I wrote a script to give me more confidence. I knew that this way I could tick things of as I said them and if I got off track I could look back to my paper.

The operators are very familiar with clearing phone calls:

I was nervous of missing out something vital, however the operators have taken many similar calls and so the responsibly to remember all the information wasn’t all on me. Throughout the conversation, I was prompted to give the important details and information that they needed. So, while having them ready shows that you have taken the time to prepare, it is very unlikely that you will finish the call without telling them something vital like your UCAS number.

Stay on the Line:

On Results Day there are many students ringing up. This means you can stay on the line for a long time or get disconnected. It’s important to stay on the line and keep calling back if you do get disconnected. Don’t be disheartened you’ll get through eventually.

Universities will publish lists of courses which still have available places:

You can check university websites before results day, especially if you’re already a little concerned. You can find Worcester’s list of courses with clearing places available on their website.

If you have any questions before results day you can always contact the University. You can find more information on their website.

Thanks for reading!

Lizzie 🙂