How to Create Change at university

Masters in Touring Theatre student, Freya, talks to us about how students can make personal, community and university changes whilst completing their course.

So, how do you make a change?

University is an excellent place to inspire and create change within the local and wider community. At the University of Worcester, there many ways to get involved with change, socially and academically. Getting involved not only helps you develop new skills, it can help your community and looks great on you CV.

Here’s a few of my suggestions of things you can try:

1. Get involved with charities at the University. Every year, students pick a charity for Raise and Give (RaG) – the university’s fundraising service.

There are RaG events throughout the year where you can donate money and a specific week in the university calendar dedicated to RaG fund raising events. You can host your own events, participate in other student’s events or donate to the fund on the Students’ Union website.

The university also has a charity society- UniBoob. UniBoob are a university organisation affiliated with the Breast Cancer awareness charity, Coppafeel. Many universities have Uniboob teams, from Glasgow to Kent. Throughout the month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, UniBoob host several fundraising events for students to get involved in and, as a society, are always looking to welcome new members to help spread the awareness of Breast Cancer in both women and men.

2. Another way that students can create change is through the Course Representatives (Course Rep) system. You can become a Course Rep and give other course students a voice at the university, raising queries and concerns to academic and university staff members.

Course Reps are elected within the first four weeks of teaching, every academic year. You can also become a School Rep. These are elected in the summers between academic years so they start before Course rep recruitment. School reps look after all the Course Reps within the subject area of their school; for example, the School of Arts has three Course Reps: one for Art and Design, one for Film and Media and one for Theatre. A School Rep takes feedback from all of the course reps (who are the eyes and ears on the ground) and they then give that feedback to the Vice President for Education who is one of three elected officers within the Students Union.

3. The elected Student Union officers can create change, but if you’re a current student wanting to make a difference, you can talk to any of the officers about an issue within their respected areas.

If you want change within the academia, you can talk to your Vice President of Education, who for 2021/22, is Ragnar Mularczyk. For students wanting to creating change within societies, clubs, fundraising and students activities, you can chat to your Vice President of Student Activities, who for 2021/22, is Neve Ricketts. Students looking for change within the Students Networks, Welfare, Inclusion, Diversity to Sustainability, can talk to their SU President for 2021/22, Liam Lees.

4. If creating change with action rather than conversation is more up your street, you can join one of our 10 Student Networks. At the University of Worcester, our student networks represent 10 of the most underrepresented areas of the student population, the full list of which can be found on the Students’ Union website. If you belong to one of these groups, you can join that network and make a difference.

5. Finally, if you are a student who wants to create change about a more personal or specific idea, our Ideas Forum might be perfect for you. The Ideas Forum can be found on the SU website. All you have to do is submit your idea. Then for the idea to be considered it needs 25 positive votes on the website. If this happens, it is taken for consideration by the SU team. If you don’t get enough votes, you can keep submitting. It also demonstrate that your idea has the backing of students.

Thanks for reading!

Freya 🙂