Life as a School Rep

Hello Readers! My name is Freya, and during the course of my degree, I have been elected as both a Course Rep and School Rep for Touring Theatre. Here is my blog explaining what these roles are, and why they are important.

course Rep

A Course Rep is a student who has been elected by their peers to represent their cohort’s academic views and concerns. Course Reps elections start about 4 weeks into your course. Part of your role is to collect student feedback (my preference is via Survey Monkey). Your feedback is then discussed in College LTQE meetings with other Course Reps, and your Head of Department and/or School.

student rep

Unlike Course Reps, the position of School Rep is only available to second year students and above. In essence, a School Rep provides a link between Course Reps and senior members of staff within their particular School (mine being Theatre). Being a School Rep is a challenging, yet rewarding role which has a huge impact on how the university teaches. It is a chance for students to represent their academic department. As a School Rep you will work closely with Course Reps reporting their feedback back to the Vice President of Education (VPE).

Becoming a Rep is a fantastic opportunity to build up your CV and showcase your leadership skills! In addition, the voluntary hours you build up as a Rep can also be put towards your Worcester Award (an employability award). The School Rep forum is a great opportunity to build socialise meet up and great to know other Reps.

My time as a School Rep has been a rewarding experience. This role has given me the opportunity to work with students, teaching staff and Student Union staff. I would highly recommend becoming a Rep to anyone who wants to affect change and make a difference within the University! To find out more go to Worcester SU website.