Hello Reader,

Submitting a PGCE application can be a daunting experience, particularly if you are passionate about joining the education sector. I started my PCGE in Secondary English at Worcester and am now a qualified English teacher. With application submissions coming up shortly, here are my tips for hopefully easing any anxieties you might have about the process.

1. Be yourself: A career in teaching allows you to embrace your individualism, constantly developing the ways in which you teach and inspire your students. To be successful in gaining a PGCE course place and beyond, those viewing your application and interviewing you want to see your personality shine through! By staying true to your authentic self in your PGCE interview enables you to build your confidence. These interpersonal skills are vital in the education job market!

2. Preparation is key: Before my interview day, I had to fill in a subject knowledge form to bring on the day, as well as prepare a 4 minute presentation on how I would teach a 50 minute lesson on a topic of my choice. I assure you that is not nearly as scary as it may first seem, the time flies by and is only meant to be an overview of how you would plan a lesson! Preparing a few days in advance will allow you to engage in self care the night before and to be rid of as much anxiety as possible! The tasks given to you may differ depending on the specific PGCE course you are applying for, but you will be given at least a week’s notice to prepare for anything asked of you.

3. Take the time to chat with other candidates on the day of interview: You are all in the same boat and this will be the perfect opportunity to network with other prospective trainee teachers and to start building relations with those who have the same common interest as you: Education! I really enjoyed meeting other candidates and looked forward to seeing them again on the course. Talking to the fellow candidates eases any anxiety you might be experiencing on the day!

4. You are not expected to know everything: You are not expected to be an expert in the education field, teachers are constantly developing and learning throughout their teaching career! What the University is looking for is potential to be a great teacher with the correct support and direction, as well as passion! It is always a positive step to do some reading about the current education climate whilst writing your application so you can implement some of it into your personal statement, but please do not overwhelm yourself with information. Professional studies is an aspect of learning that you will develop throughout your PGCE year and beyond.

You’ve got this!

Rhianna. 😊