Time management: How to tackle procrastination

Hello Reader,

Amy here, with some of my tips on time management and how to tackle procrastination. If you don’t already know, or are guilty of it yourself, procrastination is the habit of delaying an important task by focusing on something easier & arguably far more enjoyable. Like many of you, I often find myself tempted to procrastinate, over the years I have learnt some useful techniques to avoid procrastination. Here are some tips on how to get yet tasks done effectively and avoid any major distractions.

The system theory:

Implement an anti-procrastination system aka systems theory. In summary systems theory is all about looking at different processes you do in your daily routine. This can be things as simple as brushing your teeth & eating breakfast. Looking at your subconscious habits enables you to assess how you can implement productive habits alongside. For example, you may have a system where you do your skincare routine after brushing your teeth. This becomes an automated habit that you consistently carry out every morning. You may decide to tag onto this looking at some flashcards for 10 minutes before breakfast. Soon enough these 3 tasks will subliminally become a natural part of your daily routine. I have applied this theory to my life, and it has really helped me stop procrastinating as I no longer have the option to as the tasks, I’m carrying out doesn’t feel like a chore anymore. Initially, it can be difficult to create new habits but with perseverance & commitment studies have shown that it only takes 66 days on average to make this behaviour automatic.

to do lists:

A to do lists is my go-to in preventing myself from procrastination whilst reducing stress. Writing everything down enables me to break down my tasks into more manageable chunks so they don’t seem so daunting to start. I often find myself juggling lost of things and becoming overwhelmed. However, as soon as something pops into my head, I make sure I write it down on either a sticky note or on my phone. This means whenever I find myself tempted to procrastinate, I look at my to-do list and pick something from there to complete, even if It’s something as simple as doing a load of laundry. This means that I am still being efficient with my time which leaves me feeling more productive. There are also some great apps on the market such as to do list that can help you keep on top of things.


Having a brilliant asset in your calendar life. Whether it be on your device or hand-written, a calendar gives you the ability to write down all your upcoming events and schedule things in without questioning whether you’re already busy that day. As well as a month-to-month calendar I also have a weekly calendar that I write up on my whiteboard each week. This allows me to have a more detailed plan of what I have going on each week from lecture times & rooms to when I plan on going to the gym or socialising with friends. I’ve found this has helped my organisation immensely and I honestly think I’d struggle to function without it.

countdown apps:

Countdown apps are also a great thing to have on your phone. You can, not only, input important dates such as university deadlines into it but also holidays & special events you’re looking forward too. These apps give you a countdown of the number of days until the event, giving you something to work towards.

Hopefully, you’ve found this blog really useful and can start implementing some of these suggestions into your life. When done correctly, they have the potential to positively impact your time management skills (which is a super great trait to have & looks good on your CV too!)

Thanks for reading!