Things to do in Worcester if you don’t drink

I’m Maya and I am going to talk you through some activities that you can do if you do not drink alcohol. As someone who would rather not make the most of the nightlife within this city, I can confirm that there are many other places that you can go to have fun! Whether you are interested in history, nature-filled places, or are looking for a space to socialise, I am going to recommend some activities that you can do in your free time.

Visit the Commandery

This is the perfect place to learn about important historical events as you can explore the building and discover the intriguing past of Worcester. The café is the perfect place to bring friends, or even if you would just like to sit down next to the canal with a latte and enjoy the view. For more group activities, an escape room has recently been created that will guide you through the role of the Commandery within the Civil War. So, why not grab some friends and solve puzzles together? Moreover, being situated near to the Cathedral, you can visit this site in order to further enhance your knowledge. Take a walk around the Cathedral, visiting the gift shop and viewing the Christmas trees that decorate the grounds during December.

Grab a Coffee with Some Friends

The city centre is home to a range of coffee shops and is the best place to socialise with a group of friends! For example, Bolero is a brilliant café that serves the most delicious food. Its welcoming atmosphere is one that makes you want to keep returning! Visiting there often, I would recommend this place for anyone who is looking for a new coffee shop to visit. For an LGBTQIA+ friendly space, Sugar Daddy’s café is also situated within the city centre and hosts many events that you can attend. If you’re looking for something that is not coffee, then Shakeaway is a fun place to go. With the option to choose any addition to your milkshake, including any chocolate or biscuit, this shop allows for a multiplicity of visits where you can choose a new combination each time!

Take a Walk through Nature

Whether you prefer to explore alone or to bring friends, there are many parks within Worcester which are ideal for taking a stroll! For example, Gheluvelt Park is a large space in which you can bring a picnic during a sunny day and watch the swans pass by. Worcester Woods Country Park is another place that you can talk a walk around! There is a restaurant within this area and, being located beside the woods, there is an allowance to walk through the woods and identify the wildlife that you see there. Additionally, if you are looking for another place to explore, the River Severn is a perfect place to walk around during all seasons. Whether you are hoping for autumnal leaf-decorated pathways or to sit on a bench during a summer’s day, this is a brilliant choice!

Go to the Swan Theatre and Huntingdon Hall

For anybody who is interested in the theatre, these are places that you can go to! These establishments are particularly perfect for those who study courses that are associated with drama or literature. However, these are open to anyone so it is worth watching a play during your free time! Make sure you check what is being shown at these theatres each week so that you can discover a play that you have been wanting to see or that you are curious about!

Join a Club or Society

This is one of the best ways to make friends and to enjoy your time at the university. There are a range of clubs and societies on offer so you are guaranteed to find one that you are interested in. A common misconception is that socials are only for those who drink alcohol. However, societies host sober socials so that you can get to know those within your society in an alcohol-free environment. I would recommend taking a look at what societies and clubs are available so you can choose something that you would enjoy the most!

Go on a Ghost Walk

Are you a fan of all things spooky? Would you want to go on a ghost walk? Worcester hosts these tours, which is a great way to explore the city whilst on the lookout for any ghostly encounters. You can book a private ghost walk or you can attend an already scheduled one. A walk that begins at Edward Elgar Statue and ends at the Guild Hall, your tour guides will inform you about the haunted nature of Worcester! Search for a date that works best for you and participate in this adventure!

These are just a few activities that you can do within Worcester but there are many more! Enjoy your time in Worcester by doing what interests you the most!