Christmas Gifts on a Student budget

As Christmas day is nearing, you may be wondering what to give to your friends or family. As a student, you may be on a tight budget, unsure of what possible gifts you could give to them that seem genuine yet are not too costly. Here are some ideas that you may want to use.

Bake Homemade Treats

Brightly decorated festive biscuits, including a snowflake biscuit with blue sprinkles and a candy-cane biscuit with pink and white iced stripes, arranged neatly on a cooling rack.

Nothing fills the soul like sweet treats made at home. If you’re a good baker or can follow a nice recipe, then you may want to try gifting people homemade treats. If the recipient has a sweet tooth, then they’ll appreciate this. It’s fun and reasonably cheap to make. Making them yourself shows that you have put effort into creating this gift for them and so, they’ll not only feel impressed but also delighted.

Give the gift of time

They say time is money, therefore, giving your time can also be a great present. Why not make a voucher of your time? All you need is a piece of paper or card and write down your name and the amount of time that you wish to offer them, you could also add an activity to do together or any skills you’re willing to do for them. For example, the recipient could redeem a voucher if they wanted you to help with chores, babysitting, cooking a meal and more. You can even use a certain pattern in your coupons to make it difficult for the recipient to secretly make another one. These ‘coupon’ kind of gifts can be very useful and will make the recipient quite happy.

Make a personal Gift Box

Find an old shoebox or repurpose any sort of packaging that you may find lying around and decorate it. Fill it in with memorable things that the recipient may find meaningful. This could origami birds, charity-shop treasures, and hand-written jokes. If you really know the recipient, then giving them a curated box of items and keepsakes of memories you have shared together is a thoughtful gift to give. It is not only unique but also unpredictable.

Repackage and personalise Chocolates

Chocolates are by far one of the easiest gift ideas. The key thing that makes a gift look expensive is the packaging. Get variety of chocolates and place them in a nice container such as a recycled jar, then proceed to wrap it with a nice-looking ribbon. You could even add little sprinkles inside to make it more decorative. The best thing is that you are not restricted to just putting chocolate into the jar, it could be anything that you wish to give. You could add various types of sweets, food and so on.

create A Scrapbook filled with memories

Get in touch with all your friends and relatives and ask them if they have any photographs and/or memories of the recipient. Then collect all the photos and comments from everyone about that said person and compile them all in a single scrapbook. The book filled with memories is a great way for the person to reminisce of the times that had flew by and experience fond memories all over again.

Make a homemade Spice set

If you have anyone that you know that loves to cook, you can buy them various spices in bulk and decant them into small matching jars. Add nicely penned and decorated labels. You could also make customised blended spices and maybe add various recipes to go with the spices. Not only will this gift be useful but it can also introduce the recipient to new flavours and combinations they otherwise might not have tried.