5 of the best student discount websites

One of the perks of being students are the discounts. As a university student I had the joyous pleasure of using these discounts to get myself some nice offers. These could range from technology, food, entertainment, fitness and many more. Here are my top 5 choices for student discount providers.


One of the most popular sources for students to get their discounts on. It is free, quick, and efficient. They have a selection of discounts to offer and the only thing you need to provide them with is your university email and a photo of yourself. UNiDAYS also acts as a student ID card as it shows the institution that you are studying in and the expiry date which many places such as museums and restaurants and shops accept.

Student Beanz

Student Beanz is becoming as well-known as UNiDAYS , it is a handy little app that functions the same way as UNiDAYS in which you get a code or a voucher to use in shops. These could be online or in-store. The only difference is that it can track what shops are near you that provide student discounts. Although it functions the same way as UNiDAYS, not many shops accept it as a form of student ID as it is not as well known as UNiDAYS .


Totum is another well-known website and provides discounts from a variety of places. The downside is, unlike UNiDAYS and Student Beanz you need to have a membership to have one. Students on initial sign up currently will be given 1 year of free membership but after this they require you to pay annually.

Blue Light Card

For healthcare students out there, if you were given an NHS email during your studies you can sign up to a blue light card. These are filled with discounts. These are for those who work in healthcare services, police officers, soldiers, and other services that make sure to protect the public. The service does have a membership scheme. Currently they are offering a 2-year membership for about £5 which can give you access on 15,000 discounts that students may not get from other services.

Tickets for Good

Finally, my favourite discount website, Tickets for Good. Tickets for Good is for those that work in healthcare. Healthcare students can access these with their NHS email. They give discounts for concerts, conventions, live shows, musicals, and many more in the entertainment industry. Sometimes, they give tickets for free or for 80% less than the actual price. It is a fantastic website that I have just recently found out from my colleagues and the best part is that it does not require a paid membership.

So, what are you waiting for? Get those discounts!