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4 DIY Christmas Gifts on a Student Budget

Christmas is not just about presents, but it can become a big burden when it comes to money. On a student budget, it can be hard to buy gifts for everyone in your life. The ultimate solution to budget gifts is the £2 challenge. Set yourself a budget of £2 per person and get making, baking and sticky-taping! Here are my 4 favourite DIY Christmas gifts, which can all be made on a £2 budget.

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5 Cheap and Easy Secret Santa Ideas

Secret Santa – the best way to give Christmas presents to your friends without breaking the bank! Sometimes it is so tricky working out what to get people for Secret Santa. Maybe you’re on a low-budget or you don’t know them all that well! Whatever the reason, there are loads of different options for Secret Santa gifts. Here are a few ideas for low-cost, hassle-free Secret Santa ideas.

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Winter crafts and homemade gifts

As a small child I would excitedly run up to my parents with my latest invention and wait in anticipation as they studied it (most of the time probably trying to work out what on earth it was suppose to be). In my eyes, making things was a release of imagination and it was even better when I could give it to someone as a gift.