Exams – every students worst nightmare

Exams are an important part of your university life (unless you are studying Drama and English Language  like Christopher who doesn’t have any exams) and they are not particularly fun, I have to say. You have to condense a whole semester’s worth of knowledge into your brain to write out again in the exam from memory! And if your course is anything like mine, you have to remember citations and references in this as well, which is an added stress. But there are some key points you should remember when revising for exams:

1)      Don’t leave it till the last minute: trying to revise and remember everything the night before your 9am exam is not going to work, however hard you try. Try and start in advance, a little bit every day will make it seem much more manageable

2)      Use your notes: you know all those pages of notes you’ve been making in lectures and extra reading throughout the year – use them! You spent a lot of time on them so make them worthwhile

3)      Repeat your work: going over things again and again is a good way of remembering key facts, but try not to make it tedious. Use different methods like spider diagrams, key points, flash cards etc to mix it up a bit and make it less boring!

4)      Believe in yourself: if you’ve worked hard, tried your best and revised to the best of your ability then you will be fine! Believe in your ability because I’m sure you are better than you think!

So good luck to everyone doing exams in the next few weeks, and remember it’s all over soon!