What going to university meant to my family

Moving away from home will not only influence you, but also one of the most important people in your life- your family. There is a certain price you have to pay when you choose to study abroad, however, it is always manageable.

Mom, dad, I am going to study in the UK

Were my parents excited when I told them I got accepted to the University of Worcester? Sure, they would support any decision I would make, but I could feel how knowing that their daughter is leaving the country tostudy abroad for at least 3 years would hurt them.

The idea of moving away from home was scary, yet exciting and I couldn’t wait to finally enter this unknown area and make the most of the opportunities we have now (including study abroad).

 When Skype or Facetime become essentials

Technology nowadays makes it easier to live and study abroad, since it takes literally two seconds to get connected with person, that is situated 2000 miles away.

Calling is one thing, but seeing your beloved one, friend or a family is priceless. I cannot imagine how hard it must have been without the technology, without phones and being forced to survive only on post and visits once a year….ages ago.


I couldn’t have been more grateful for all the smart ways of getting connected with the world and with home. I can be home away from home in just a second, and in this case, it feels like nothing has changed.

When time spent with your family becomes the most precious thing

Before, I would never appreciate the time spent with my family, since I took it for granted (I know you did too).

Studying abroad has made me realize that nothing can be taken for granted and that the love of your family is more precious than anything.

Therefore, cherish the moments you can spend with your family, since it can easily be rather seldom.

There is no balance between welcomes and goodbyes

“Are you leaving your mommy again? You just arrived a week ago…”

“I know mom, don’t make it even harder than it is. I will call you..”

and the same scenario could be applied to 9 out of 10 cases when travelling home for Christmas or holidays.

Welcomes on the other hand are the moments when your heart is filled with pure joy, excitement and love. There is nothing better than giving your dad the biggest hug when you come back home after few months or receive the long awaited kiss on your cheeks from your grandma.


Priorities, priorities…

After all, it is all about the priorities. At some point in your life you probably will come at the conclusion that spending time with your family does really top the time going out with your friends.

I have already come to such stage and set my priorities straight. Despite being away for most of the time, I now feel that I am closer with my mom than I have ever been before and that the distance strengthened our bond.

Therefore, it is not necessarily always bad to be away, since thanks to this the relationship or your approach to home can be improved.

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